Looking For An Internet Service Provider? Check Out The New Safaricom Fiber To Home Updates And Advantages


We live in a world with a rising need for products that cater to customers needs from the comfort of their houses. Through the internet, we are able to connect, work and get access to entertainment. To get unlimited access to these services, a good WIFI connection goes a long way.

Safaricom Fiber to Home is a service that allows you to access unlimited internet from the comfort of your home. They started the rollout of services last year providing internet access to a few areas. Over the next couple of months, they have spread to many other areas.


When Safaricom started rolling out the internet services to homes, they had four packages. These are;

1. Bronze package- 5mpbs at Kshs 2,900 per month.
2. Silver package- 10mbps at Kshs 3,999
3. Gold- 20mbps at Kshs 5,699
4. Platinum-40mbps at Kshs 11,499

Recently, they have introduced new packages to supplement their older packages. They come with additional mobile data, free SMS’s and talk time. The offers include;

1. Bronze Plus- 5mbps, 2GB mobile data, 100 talk time minutes and unlimited SMS at Kshs 3,400
2. Silver plus- 10mbps, 4GB mobile data, 200 talk time minutes and unlimited SMS at Kshs 4,499
3.Gold plus- 20mbps, 4GB mobile data, 200 minutes talk time and unlimited SMS at Kshs 6,699
4.Diamond Plus- 40mbps, mobile data, 200 minutes talk time and unlimited SMS at Kshs 12,499

Once you purchase the new packages, you can ‘Sambaza’ to another Safaricom user whether they are on the Safaricom Home To Fiber Network or not. You should also note that the SMS’s are under ‘fair usage cap’ policy. This means there is a maximum number of messages one can send depending on their package and usage.

New Updates

Another major product addition to the Safaricom Home to Fiber service is the Home Insurance Package Option. The service provides you with the opportunity to insure various items in your house in case of theft. The insurance package is in partnership with Jubilee Insurance so this way you are covered if misfortune may befall you. There are three different packages that you can choose from. Each plan offers separate insurance for normal home content and high-risk items such as laptops, jewellery, and smartphones. The plans are;

1. Hero. Kshs 250,000 for home content and Kshs 75,000 for high-risk items at a monthly premium of Kshs 250.

2.Pro. Kshs 500,000 for home content, Kshs 150,000 for high-risk items at a monthly premium of Kshs 475.

3.Fortified. Kshs 1,000,000 for home content, Kshs 300,000 for risky content at a monthly premium of Kshs 1,350.

So what advantages do you get by subscribing to the Safaricom Fibre To Home service?


If you experience any problems all you need to do is dial *400# and describe the issue. Often times, it is a small error which can be fixed with a simple router reboot. If it is a complicated matter, they send technicians to access the problem and fix it. Talking from experience, any issues I have had have been fixed in 12 hours or less.

2.Umbrella Services

With the new packages you have access to WIFI, mobile data, talk time and smses all from one basket. So you can enjoy your WIFI at home, then access your mobile data when you are out of the house without having to buy more data, SMS or minutes.

3. Insurance for Household Items

To be honest items like laptops or phones do not always come cheap and replacing them can cost a pretty penny. Sadly some things are not in our control such as theft. The plans offered ensure that you are covered if you happen to lose your items. For as low as Kshs 250 a month.

4. Free Installation

Once you pay for your the package of your choice, you are good to go. Installation is completely free. The Safaricom agent will just confirm that an agent has been dispatched to your home and all you have to do is wait.

5. Streaming and Downloading Content

If you are a fan of home entertainment, then WIFI is your holy grail. With access to Safaricom Fiber to Home, you can stream movies online without worrying about data usage. You can consume whatever content you want whenever you want it whether on your laptop, smartphone or Smart TV. With streaming services such as Netflix, Showmax, Youtube and others, you have access to so much content to binge-watch. No need to keep rushing out to the movie store whenever you want to watch a movie or series. 14 Shows That Are Perfect For Binge Watching On Showmax

6. Unlimited users

Most people often buy data in bulk then using your device as a hotspot. The downside to that option is there is a limited number of people who can connect to it. With Safaricom Home to Fiber, you can have as many users at a go as you want. However, speeds may be affected depending on the package and number of people using it. This also means you do not all have to watch the same show together. You can be busy catching up on your shows on your laptop or tablet while your children get to watch their cartoons on the TV.

7. Connectivity

It goes without saying that using a WIFI service with the poor connection is almost as bad as having no WIFI at all. It can get very frustrating. Safaricom is known for its great service connection and this also comes in handy when dealing with Safaricom Home to Fibre. This means you can enjoy uninterrupted streaming and downloads with little or no downtime. From experience, even with 5mbps package, you are good to go.

8. Uploading Content

With the growth of the creative industry, more and more people are showcasing content online. Since we live in a digital world, creating digital content without hustle becomes a top priority. That’s where Safaricom Home to Fiber comes in. You can create and upload content from the comfort of your home whenever you want.


To get Safaricom Fiber to Home installed, all you need to do is dial 400, dial *400# or send a message to 400. An agent will get back to you in 24 hours. Additionally, you can check if your current area of residence is fibre ready by visiting the Safaricom website or dialling *400# and select the option ‘Are you in my area’.

Once your details are confirmed and payment made, a technician is sent to your home in less than 48 hours. The Safaricom agent gives you the name and number of the technician so you can easily liaise with him. All the new data and insurance packages can also be found by dialling *400#.

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