Lifestyle: 5 Reasons Why You Should Get More ‘Alone Time’

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Spending time alone has often been likened to loneliness and a dull, fruitless endeavour but what you may not have considered are the benefits of getting time alone and why it is so important to your mental, emotional and even physical well-being.

Here’s why you should spend more time alone this year.

  1. Alone time allows you to reboot

We rely on our brain to carry out our daily function and for us to do so at the optimum level, we need to rest it and re-charge it, which is what alone time does for you. It allows you to re-boot; to clear your mind of thoughts and revitalize it. Being with yourself with no distractions is what you need to focus more and process your thoughts more clearly. Doing so once in a while will allow you to be more productive at work or at school.

2. Alone time is perfect for self-discovery

Most of the time, we are told that we haven’t reached our full potential because we are yet to discover ourselves. So how do we go about this? According to Psychology Today, alone time allows you to take several steps in this direction.

Solitude allows you to be in tune with your thoughts and processes which then allows you to find your own voice. Think of it like this, when you’re in a group you are more likely to think like the rest of the group, so when you’re alone, your inner voice comes to life. This also a vital part of any decision-making process; which is why we are encouraged to “think about it first”.

3. Alone time improves relationships

Once you get used to the idea of spending time on your own, you are more independent, especially in your thoughts. This is also a great means of improving your self-esteem, especially if you find the need to be constantly validated. Learning to be on your own means you won’t be dependent on others, you will be able to take care of yourself and most importantly, you’ll be able to cultivate empathy and self-awareness which will greatly improve your relationships.

4. Alone time sparks creativity

Essentially, turning the TV off, dimming the lights and playing some soft jazz allows your mind to wander. For the creative mind, this can be a powerful space, especially if you’ve been in a creative rut you can use this opportunity to activate your original thoughts and ideas.

5. Alone time will also replenish your physical being

Spending time alone is good for your energy levels. Alone time activities put your body and mind at rest which in turn stores your energy. In this way, when we become physically active again, we have reservoirs of energy and don’t feel as drained as those who are constantly active.

There are many ways to enjoy your alone time. To be more productive and fruitful with your alone time try setting up some quiet time; a period in the day or week where you have zero obligations and responsibility. Take this time to put things into perspective or just enjoy your own company. You could also try to keep a journal and write down your thoughts as they come to you during this time. Most importantly, keep the social media at bay; spend this time away from your phone and the internet.

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