Relationships: 7 Reasons Why Sometimes Competitiveness Is Good For Friendships

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While friendships thrive in a supportive environment, a little competition among friends might not be such a bad thing. It’s important to challenge each other as much as you support each other. You’re also not a monster for feeling a hint of jealousy when your friend tells you some good news about them. However, before pulling up your socks just because your friend is moving ahead in life, remember that friendship is not a competitive sport. Healthy competition has a number of benefits and these are some of them.

  • Makes You More Realistic

In the age of mobile phones and social media, news spreads fast. There are no secrets anymore. Whatever you post is meant for public viewing which means that more people know about your business than before. Therefore, if you choose to post about a new job, for example, it will naturally attract envy from both your friends and strangers. This lets you know that not everybody will be in your corner and that’s the reality of life. Be wary of friends who are always jealous though – Relationships: On Jealous Friends And How to Spot Them

  • Increases Your Enthusiasm

Sometimes, we feel stuck and the solution lies among our friendships. When you see one of your friends making moves, this might encourage you to follow suit. For instance, if your friend opens up that business they’ve always talked about and it does well, you’ll feel motivated to do something that you’ve also wanted to do.

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  • Exposes You To Better Friends

Competition exposes the slackers and hard workers. If your friends do not match your set goals in life, then you might have to re-think your friendships. It’s tedious when your friends don’t want to pull their weight up. Therefore, this might lead you to choose better friends who are on the same page as you are.

  • Improves Teamwork

Contrary to popular belief, competitiveness doesn’t make you selfish, greedy or “fake”. When it’s well-structured, it fosters collaboration and teamwork. The truth is, you will need assistance sooner or later and who better to ask than your equally competitive friend. You stand a better chance at success when you work together rather than individually.

  • Encourages Self-improvement

There’s always room for improvement and a little competition will reveal this to you. Your competitive friend will keep your ego in check which is a great way to keep you humble and hungry. Despite the hard work you put into your goals, its necessary to have such friendships that put you in your place.

  • Makes You Smarter

Healthy competition will help improve your cognitive skills and creativity. Once you’re faced with competition, it will make you think outside the box on how to switch things up. Outdoing yourself ensures that you always stay ahead of the competition whether that means coming up with a brilliant idea at work or changing your signature style.

  • Increases Self-esteem

Having friendly competition among friendships helps you discover your capabilities. It could be something simple or complex. Either way, the feeling of gratification is still the same which boosts your self-esteem. Emerging as the top among people you respect makes you view yourself in a different light.

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