Entertainment: 7 Things You Should Avoid Doing At The Movie Theater

movie theatre image from https://www.law.com/nationallawjournal/sites/nationallawjournal/2017/09/27/indie-movie-theaters-smack-mark-cubans-landmark-theatres-with-antitrust-suit/?slreturn=20190009121254

Going to the movie theatre is a popular pastime for people from all walks of life. Despite numerous movie streaming sites, many people still prefer to go to the cinema to watch their favourite movies. The whole cinema experience, including but not limited to quality sound effects and pictures, contribute largely to its popularity. As a moviegoer, there are certain things you should avoid doing to make the experience pleasurable for everybody.

  1. Use Your Phone While The Movie Is Showing

Ever wondered why the movie theatre is pitch black? That’s because less light means less glare. Therefore, when you decide to use your phone as the movie plays, you’re seriously inconveniencing the people around you. It’s also not the time to take selfies or video using a flash camera. Instead, switch off your phone and wait until the end of the movie to use it.

  1. Hog The Armrest

Everybody in the movie theatre paid just as much money as you did, therefore, you all have equal rights to the amenities provided. Be courteous about arm distribution since both of you want to be comfortable. The armrest is no man’s land and the rules apply. Either share half and half or take turns resting your arms on it. At no given time should someone hog the armrest for an entire movie.

movie theatre image from https://www.law.com/nationallawjournal/sites/nationallawjournal/2017/09/27/indie-movie-theaters-smack-mark-cubans-landmark-theatres-with-antitrust-suit/?slreturn=20190009121254
  1. Talk Loudly

There’s nothing wrong with talking in the movie theatre. After all, it’s a social setting. Keep the conversations to the minimum, though. If you really need to talk, whisper to the person or talk when the movie is exceptionally loud.

  1. Make Out Session

For everyone’s sake, get a room. This might look romantic in movies but it’s sickening in reality. People go to movies with their parents, children or siblings and your public display of affection is bound to make them uncomfortable. If you really want a romantic experience, you can hold their hand or place it lightly on their thigh.

  1. Bring A Buffet

Whether you choose to bring your own food or buy from the theatre, make sure it’s a movie-appropriate food. It shouldn’t be too smelly or make a racket. Snacks like crisps that come in a noisy package should be opened before the movie starts.

  1. Leave A Mess

Although there are cleaners who clean up after the movie ends, it’s good manners to throw your trash on your way out. They also have limited time to clean up the theatre. Additionally, littered floors could cause tripping hazards as people exit the movie theatre. It’s so much easier cleaning up after yourself than leaving a mess.

  1. Post On Social Media

Nobody likes spoilers. Chances are most people haven’t yet watched the movie, therefore, posting any revealing details about it might be a spoiler to someone else. Avoid posting spoilers about the movie on social media.

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