Travel: 5 Types Of Tourists You’ll Meet On Vacation

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People go on vacation for different reasons motivated by their interests. Some go for the adventure while others go on vacation to escape their fast-paced lives. You’re going to meet different personalities while on vacation. Here’s a quick heads up of who you might meet.

  1. The Adrenaline Junkie

He has energy for days and is all about an adventure driven vacation. The first thing he asks for when he gets to the hotel is the gym. He also has a backpack ready for hiking, rock climbing and other activities. The adrenaline junkie naturally doesn’t sit still for more than an hour which makes you question whether he really is on holiday. He makes friends easily and might recruit a local to show him the best, adrenaline-filled places. You’ll meet him walking around with a huge backpack, cargo shorts, hiking shoes and a hat.

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  1. The Enthusiast

This type of tourist makes the most of her vacation. She didn’t just come for the sun and the sand, she came to experience the culture as well. Her idea of fun is participating in every activity on the itinerary then going off on her own or with fellow enthusiasts to discover more about her holiday destination. She will definitely sample the local cuisine from recommended hotels but is not as adventurous to try street food. She also shops at the market for souvenirs which she will wear during the trip. She’s the typical movie depiction of a tourist.

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  1. The Photojournalist

This one documents every single thing that happens while on vacation. If a bee flew by, he would photograph it. He also asks the locals who are just minding their business to pose for pictures. You’re guaranteed to see him with a camera everywhere he goes. Sometimes, he can be invasive of other vacationers’ personal space which might create an uncomfortable moment. However, most of the time, he’s the life of the party while capturing special moments among his friends or family.

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  1. The Instagram Model

She vacations with her equally attractive IG model friends and has some bombs outfits for every day of her vacation trip. She doesn’t do much or go to many places but she definitely gets the most aesthetic places thanks to Google. On her spare time, she lounges by the pool or beach in cute bikinis taking selfies and making Instagram stories. She also frequents the hotel bar but only orders cocktails and stares at her phone updating her followers about her vacation experience.

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  1. The Escaper

She lives up to the true definition of a vacationer. While the rest of the vacationers are out looking for things to do, she spends the day in her hotel room sleeping. You’ll hardly see her unless it’s dinner or breakfast time. When she goes out, her journey ends at the poolside with a book in hand. She probably won’t leave the hotel the whole time. She came on vacation to escape and relax which she makes sure she does.

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What other type of tourist do you know?

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