Interview: Meet Ruth Kirathe – The Online Sensation Taking Kenya By Storm

Image of Ruth Kirathe courtesy of her Facebook account @ruthkiratheofficial

If you tour the online streets then you probably know who Ruth is; you were probably introduced to her on Twitter via a video about her interesting experience with her gardener and have been hooked since then (just like me). I chat with Ruth about her recent popularity and fame and got to understand more about Kenya’s new online sensation.

So, tell us, who is Ruth Kirathe?

I am a Kenyan. I was born and raised in Kenya and I have lived in Kenya until most recently when I moved to Japan for uni. I am a student at the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University and I have been living here for about 3 and a half years in a small town called Beppu, in the South of Japan.

I also work two jobs: I create SNS (Social Networking Service) content for my university and I teach English to small Japanese kids which I love doing (almost as much as the funny stuff).

How does it feel to be an online sensation?

The buzz online has been quite the rush, though I must say, I never thought it would happen so it’s a bit overwhelming sometimes, just having people constantly discussing you in your absence. People are making me feel funnier than I ever thought I was.

Nonetheless, the surge of love and support has been truly heartwarming

When did you start making videos and online content?

I started out with Snapchat videos in 2015 when I came to uni. I was in a foreign country and I wanted to share my experiences here as a student, a foreigner and as an African. After a while, I built up a following and people started asking me to save my stories and post them on another platform so they could re-watch them. I took this and begun posting on Instagram and Facebook especially for longer videos.

Is posting online solely for your entertainment or as a means of stress release?

It has always been therapeutic for me. I am not very open about my personal life, even with my peers, so I don’t talk my feelings out much. When I realized I could talk to my phone screen, it was a good day. (laughs). I have to process my feelings internally before I talk about them and get to a point where I can make jokes about them.

What sparks your creative process and how do you come up with your content?

My creative process really just stems from my experiences; when something interesting happens to me, I type it on my phone, get back home and talk about it. I don’t know where the jokes come from; maybe it’s natural because that’s just how I talk. To be honest, most of my close friends barely watch my videos because they are used to my nonsense already.

Are there any future plans for this new platform you have acquired?

The future? I don’t even know what I am having for dinner.

I haven’t thought that far yet but who knows?

She also took time to shed some light on rumours about her being rejected at comedy shows in Kenya

I was not rejected by any Kenyan comedy show, never have been. (laughs). This is a rumour.

With her down to earth nature, intellectual sense of humour and infectious laugh, we can’t wait to see more of what Ruth has in store for us.

Follow her on her social media platforms to get more of her videos and content. (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

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