Lessons I Learned From The Movie ‘Bird Box’

Scene from the movie Bird Box image from https://variety.com/2018/film/reviews/bird-box-review-sandra-bullock-netflix-1203027004/

Bird Box is the critically acclaimed horror flick that took the world by storm early this year. It mainly revolves around one woman’s journey to a safe haven after a strange occurrence befalls the world. This forces the survivors to cover their eyes with blindfolds. It might seem unusual to learn something from a horror movie but I find them one of the best teachers especially about dealing with adversity. Here are some of the lessons I learned from Bird Box.

  1. Ignore The Noise

The evil entity in this movie used people to get the survivors to remove their blindfolds. They would entice them with things that they knew the person liked. The world is full of distractions that could throw you off course from what really matters. Whether it’s a social media addiction, a drinking problem or toxic relationships, they all have the potential to hinder you from achieving your goals. Learn to ignore these distractions just as Sandra Bullock repeatedly reminded herself to do.

  1. The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The evil entity needed to look into your eyes so that it would see your darkest secrets. It would then, use them against you. Everybody who didn’t have a blindfold on would appear to be talking to someone they were familiar with who wasn’t there. Afterwards, these people would kill themselves. This also shows that we all walk around with heavy issues which we would rather die than deal with them.

Scene from the movie Bird Box image from https://variety.com/2018/film/reviews/bird-box-review-sandra-bullock-netflix-1203027004/
  1. Don’t let Everyone Into Your Space

The characters had to exercise their intuitive power so as to know who genuinely sort refuge and who wanted to harm them. Though they let in both good and bad people, this teaches us that we should also be picky with who we let into our space. Not everyone has good intentions even though they come disguised as such.

  1. Disability Is Not Inability

At the end of the movie, she finally finds the safe haven that she had been looking for. There, she finds out that it was a sanctuary for blind people who technically, could not be affected by the demon. Throughout the movie, as well, she had to give up her sight so as not to die. She learned how to survive without seeing for several years. She and her children invented ways to communicate and direct each other without the need of their eyesight. This encourages many people with disabilities who may think it’s the end of the road for them.

  1. Birds Are A Symbol OF Freedom

In Bird Box, birds predominantly symbolize freedom. Sandra Bullock finds two caged birds in a supermarket which were the only living things she had seen except her and the other survivors in the house. She takes them with her and they make it to the end of the movie where she sets free to join the rest of the birds in the sanctuary. They symbolize the sweet reward of freedom after overcoming adversity as they got to live free in a beautiful sanctuary.

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