6 Tips For Getting Work Done While Travelling

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Work is usually the furthest thing from your mind while traveling. It’s all about taking a well deserved rest without interruptions. Nobody wants to get that dreadful email or phone call while on vacation. However, bills have to be paid meaning work has to be done. It is, therefore, necessary to adequately prepare to respond to an emergency if need be. Here are some tips on how to do so.

  1. Pack Your Tools

You never know when the occasion may arise when they need your help at work. Therefore, you should always prepare for it. Most people carry their work on their laptop so don’t forget your laptop while packing for the trip. If your mobile phone is enough, arm yourself with more than just a charger. You need to be reachable so have a backup power bank just in case you run out of charge somewhere without power outlets.

  1. Plan Your Internet Connection

Though many hotels and resorts offer free Wi-Fi connection to its residents, you can’t be too sure about its reliability. Check online to see if there are any reviews mentioning the resorts Wi-Fi services. Additionally, most remote resorts don’t offer Wi-Fi at all. Have a back-up plan whether it’s purchasing an international data package or roaming services.

Black woman working on the beach image from https://madamenoire.com/824429/travel-trials-my-husbands-mad-i-have-to-work-on-vacation/
  1. Figure Out Your Schedules

For highly demanding jobs, taking a long vacation seems like a punishment more than a reward. With ample planning, you can be able to balance between work and your travel plans. Check that important schedules such as meetings and deadlines don’t coincide with your travels. If they do, make plans to change them. Additionally, check in with your travel mates about your availability and when you’ll need some “alone-time” for work.

  1. Make Use Of Apps

There are a number of apps that help you work remotely like Evernote. This includes keeping your documents organized, note taking and corresponding with your team. You can also use apps like TripAdvisor to find convenient places to do some work in. If you’re in a non-English speaking country, Google Translate will help you interpret signs and converse with the locals when needed.

  1. Learn To Work During Odd Hours

Since you’ll spend most of your travelling days exploring your travel destination and unwinding, you’ll need to make use of the early mornings and late nights. This might be the only time you get to yourself. Get up before other people in your group to get some work done. This will allow you to participate in the day activities without stressing over a pending job.

  1. Avoid Distractions

The thought of waves, sandy beaches and game drives can be distracting when you’re trying to complete an assignment. Therefore, get rid of anything that might distract or slow you down. Ensure that you’re fully focused on the task at hand to complete it within the shortest time possible. Look for places you can seek solace to improve your productivity and quality of work.

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