Weddings: 4 Reasons Why You Should Let the Bridesmaids Choose Their Dresses


The Wedding Industry has encouraged mismatched bridesmaid dresses with varying styles and colours. This gives more power to the maids as they can now choose their own dress. But what about traditions?

The traditional practice was the bride used to pick the Bridesmaid dresses. It seems things are changing and for the better. Below we will explain a few reasons why you should let the maids pick their dress instead of you doing it for them.

1.  They Will Be Comfortable

When you let the bridesmaid squad choose their dress, they will feel more comfortable on your wedding day. Consider the fact that they will wear the dress for hours. Moreover, everyone has their own preferences. Some people are modest while some don’t mind to show off.

Therefore, some of your friends may prefer short sleeves instead of a strapless design. Don’t forget necklines; everyone has their favourite.

You need to mind their body type and skin tone. Therefore, what may work well for one might not suffice others. So, let them choose what they will wear to your wedding, it might make them feel confident when they stand by your side.

2.  No Stress

Planning a wedding is not easy. You need to take care of a lot of things. You need all the help you can get. If your bridesmaids are taking responsibility for their dresses, they are helping you out. You have a whole lot to consider including your dress, your mother’s dress, the venue, food, etc. If your friends want to ease you up, let them do it. Things To Look Out For When Shopping For A Wedding Dress

Choosing the Bridesmaid Dresses isn’t a piece of cake. You can’t imagine your wedding without your best friends by your side. Let each maid select her dress, but you can give her some general rules to follow. Don’t worry; they won’t consult someone else other than you. You have to approve the dresses individually.

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3.  Cost Effective

You can let your bridesmaid choose from a selection you picked or let them shop within a set budget. Now, you are not obliged to pay for their dresses. Asking a friend to be your bridesmaid is nothing short of an honour for her.

So, if you can afford, buy their dresses. But if otherwise, be open with them. In case you feel guilty, remember that you have to pay for a lot of other things. Don’t worry; you are not being rude or harsh. Just remember, if you pick their suits, it would be a lot better if you pay for them. In case they are doing it on their own, then they won’t mind the expense.

4.  Reusability

We know the predictable fate of wedding dresses, they are tucked away and never see the light of day again. Its common when you don’t wear the shade, cut or colour often. When you let your maids pick their dress, they will pick something they like. This improves the reusability factor while doubling as a memory of your wedding. This way, they will get the most bang out of their (or your) buck.

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