Technology: A Beginner’s Guide To Phone Photography

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Phone photography is more than just owning a smartphone and capturing images. Many people still aren’t utilizing the full potential of their phone’s camera. Refining your phone photography skills requires a couple of tips and tricks to capture the best images possible. Here’s a beginner’s guide to phone photography.

  • Keep The Phone Steady

Make sure your phone is as stable as possible before capturing the image. Although some cameras have advance stabilization features, it’s still necessary to keep your phone steady. Hold the phone with both hands or rest it on a stable surface. If this doesn’t work, you can invest in a tripod which might give the best results. With a tripod, you can take a photo hands-free by setting a timer ensuring maximum stability.

  • Clean Your Lens

The cardinal rule for any kind of photography is to always clean your lens. Since we use our phones numerous times throughout the day, the camera lens is prone to so many contaminants. Even the tiniest speck could ruin your photography quality. Always wipe the lens with a soft cloth before taking a photo. This will ensure sharper images and improve results.

  • Know When To Use The Flash

Natural light always gives the best quality photos. Therefore, leave the flash off unless you don’t have any other option. Flash emits uneven light that ends up causing a glare. If you need extra lighting, try switching on the lights in the room or buy a ring light. You can also use reflectors to direct sunlight to the subject.

A person using the phone to take a picture image from
  • Look For Interesting Subjects

If you want to improve your phone photography skills, chase those breathtaking moments. Learn to get the timing right for the perfect photo. Some experienced photographers wait for hours to capture one moment. So, don’t be in a rush to photograph everything without seeing the subject from different perspectives. For instance, if you’re shooting a landscape photo, try moving left and right to see how the scene changes. Check out Travel: 18 Tips For Taking Great Photos

  • Learn To Use The Camera App

Many phone camera apps have some special adjustments that improve the picture’s quality. Get acquainted with your camera app features. Additionally, some features require manual adjustments as opposed to automatic. For instance, it’s preferable to manually adjust the exposure for crisp images. You can also download camera apps if your phone doesn’t have as many features.

  • Frame Your Shots

Framing gives depth to your images and draws focus to the subject. While using phone photograph, it can be difficult to get it right the first couple of times due to limited zoom capacity. However, you can improvise using mirrors and windows. This adds more interesting qualities rather than shooting the subject directly.

  • Do Your Research

Check out how other photographers capture their subjects and draw inspiration from them. Study how they use different angles. You can also learn about different types of photography such as architecture, nature or portrait. A great way to improve your phone photography skills is by attending photography events like Instameet that unite professional photographers and amateur photographers.

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