Fashion: 7 Sunglasses Styles To Try For That Hot Look

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Sunglasses styles come in all shapes and sizes to cater to different tastes. Some borrow from old designs while others area whole new design. However, It’s challenging to know which styles are trending and suitable for your facial features. The wrong style might let down your entire outfit. Therefore, it’s important to know which styles work for you. Here are some trendy eyewear that you can try this season.

  1. Cat-eye Sunglasses

These work for oval and square faces. They accentuate the eyes and make your cheekbones appear higher. They also add a softer touch to a formal outfit. When worn with a casual outfit, they add a trendy, futuristic touch that livens the outfit. You can go for an extreme cat-eye if you’re aiming for a daring look.

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  1. Transparent-framed Sunglasses

These frames match perfectly with the colour of the lenses creating a seamless, polished look. Additionally, they have a retro vibe. They’re great with casual looks and can be worn to festivals or a casual day out. They have a wide range of shapes and you can find one that’s suitable for your facial features.

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  1. Tinted Sunglasses

Change the wear you see the world, literally. These tinted glasses come in a variety of colours that are sure to excite your view. You can even match the colour of your glasses to your outfit or pick out your favourite colour. Go for fun colours like sky blue, pink and gold.

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  1. Flat Top Sunglasses

Slay in this unique and chic glasses. This D-frame design is suitable for both sexes and adds a cool allure to your casual outfit. You can wear them on a road trip, festival or day event. It adds an eye-catching, fashionable touch and make you stand out. Due to their eccentric design, it might not be suitable everyday wear.

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  1. Boho Round Sunglasses

Round eyewear was a popular statement accessory in the ‘70s and have recently returned with a modern twist. They are quite the attention grabbers so you should be comfortable with the spotlight being on you. Additionally, they mostly complement square facial features rather than round features.

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  1. Black Sunglasses

An all-black pair not only looks cool but they also go with also anything. These are one of the most popular styles as they are versatile and easy to pull off. Additionally, they are subtle and can be worn as daily eyewear. If you’re looking for stunning yet subtle eyewear, try different designs in all black. They are a safe bet and likely to work for any occasion.

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  1. Top Bar Sunglasses

This minor detail makes a major difference in elevating your eyewear style. They may be minimal but they’re not subtle. This style is great for everyday wear as it complements casual and official looks. The designs look classy when combined with a metal frame but can also work for acetate frames.

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