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Charismatic people are usually the life of the party. They light up the room when they walk in. Everybody can be charismatic whether you’re naturally charming or you learn the right things to do and say. It has nothing to do with smarts. You just have to be the kind of person that people want to be around because they feel comfortable around you. It’s an important skill to possess as it helps you network and form strong relationships.

Here are tips on how to become more charismatic.

  1. Remember People’s Names

This is the first way to make a connection with someone but many people struggle with it. If you’re going for an important meeting, do your research on the executives then address them by name during the meeting. This simple gesture will captivate their attention and leave a lasting impression.

  1. Make Conversation With Everyone

Charismatic people make everyone feel like they have something in common with them.  Mostly, people ignore people they deem are beneath them. However, everybody has something that you can learn from.

  1. Be Present

Apart from having good listening skills, being empathetic is a key quality of charismatic people. Learn to give people undivided attention when they need it. This makes them feel important and like they matter.

  1. Body Language

When making conversation, use hand gestures and maintain eye contact. This gives the impression that you’re sincere and friendly. Additionally, you should stand confidently with your chest out and head high.

Black woman in a board meeting image from
  1. Get Rid Of The Fear Of Being Wrong

Yes, the company executives seem intimidating but you need to trust yourself. Forget about what could go wrong. Part of being charismatic is having the courage to discover who you were really meant to be. Even when things don’t go as planned, you’ve learned something from that experience.

  1. Practice Self Care

Before venturing to the world, ensure you take care of your wellbeing first. From physical appearance to mental nourishment, make sure you feel your best. This may include exercising, eating a healthy diet, meditating and taking care of your skin. Remember that you project how you feel inside.

  1. Watch Your Language

Exercise that “think before you speak” phrase vigorously. Additionally, you should choose your words carefully. Speak with conviction rather than doubt. However, it should not come off as demanding or aggressive. For instance, try saying “you should” rather than “you must”.

  1. Control Your Emotions

Don’t let your emotions get the better of you. It’s okay to defend your opinion but it shouldn’t get argumentative or rude. Make strong, solid points instead of reacting emotionally. By doing so, you become more stable and fully in control of yourself.

  1. Smile

If you’re having difficulty interaction in a social setting, smile. Smiling at people puts them in a better mood thus making them more comfortable to be around you. Make sure that the conversation calls for it, though. Smiling at certain occasions might mean you’re not serious.

  1. Have A Purpose

Have something that you’re passionate about. This gives you a clear vision and pursue it. Additionally, people are perceived as charismatic when they’re talking about something they care about. Sometimes, this person might not necessarily have charisma but exudes those qualities.

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