Food: The Super Simple Creamy Garlic Pasta Recipe

Creamy garlic pasta

Comfort food comes in many forms, shapes and size but creamy garlic pasta has to be one of my favourites. This super simple dish is full of creamy goodness with an explosion of flavours. It’s a quick fix for pasta lovers and is something your whole family will love. It’s also perfect for a last minute romantic dinner or a weekday dinner. You can have it on its own or add your meat of choice.

By itself, creamy garlic pasta is the perfect side dish. The pasta, the luscious sauce, the garlic & pepper combo! Just the thought of it makes my mouth water. You’ll be going back for thirds as you can’t get enough of it. It’s not called comfort food for no reason. I won’t lie, the first time I made this recipe, I ate about four servings. Yes, it’s that delicious. I also made too much. However, I regret nothing. The best part about this dish is, you barely make a mess in the kitchen. Since it’s a one-pot recipe, you don’t have to worry about doing the dishes afterwards.

Creamy garlic pasta

If you’re tired of having the same plain spaghetti for dinner, try this recipe to add a little flavour to your favourite pasta dish.

Cook time: 20 minutes

Serves: 2 plates


  • 2 cups of Macaroni
  • 2-3 garlic cloves
  • 2 tablespoons of butter
  • Wheat flour
  • Milk


Boil some water and cook the macaroni as per instructions. Once it’s done, remove and drain the water and set it aside.

Place a saucepan over the heat. Add 2 tablespoons of butter to the hot pan and leave it to melt. Add crushed cloves of garlic.   Cook for about 1 minute stirring constantly to avoid sticking. Add the flour and continue cooking for another minute as you stir.

Add milk and broth/water as you stir. Cook until the sauce starts to boils and becomes thick. Make sure your sauce doesn’t have lumps as well. If it does, continue stirring until all the lumps are dissolved. Add more milk if your sauce becomes too thick. For extra flavour, you can add parmesan cheese.

Mix in the pasta. Add salt and black pepper then serve. Garnish with black pepper and/or cilantro.

And there you have it. Enjoy your creamy garlic pasta while it’s piping hot with a chilled glass of wine.

Things To Note

  • If you’re cooking for children, reduce the garlic and skip the black pepper. Kids don’t like the taste of garlic. You can garnish with cilantro instead which will give it an enticing taste as well.
  • The process of making this creamy garlic pasta is high energy requires your full attention for the whole 15 minutes. To avoid burning anything, keep a close eye on the dish.
  • You can use any kind of pasta including spaghetti. Macaroni just looks better and is tastier.

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