Lifestyle: 5 TED Talks You Must Listen To About Finding Your Purpose

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Finding your purpose is a much more complicated process than listening to a TED Talk. However, there an immense amount of wisdom in every TED Talk that the platform offers. These speakers give their insights on various topics including finding your purpose. Here are several speakers who share their experience in finding their purpose and give guidance on how to do it.

  1. There’s more to life than being happy | Emily Esfahani Smith

She shares the same thoughts that many people have of life – that the whole purpose is to be happy. This meant finding a good job, starting a family and living a typical successful life. She goes on to say that this not only didn’t bring her happiness but it also made her anxious. The society we live in today focuses on chasing happiness instead of chasing meaning. The two are different and bring different fulfilments in life.

  1. Designing Your Life | Bill Burnett

Someone once said, “if life is your project, why not design it?” Our biggest design challenge is life, according to Bill Burnett. Unlike many other careers, design demands that you maintain your child-like curiosity. This then opens your eyes to many things that would have gone unnoticed. Bill teaches a class in Stanford University on life design. One of the key ways he attributes to finding your purpose is to connect the dots between who you are, what you believe and what you do in the world.

  1. Finding My Purpose | Sylvia Mulinge

Sylvia narrates her story of how she came from a humble background and her parents’ dream of her making something better of her life which she did. She lived a life many people desired and envied in equal measure. However, she recalls feeling the complete opposite about her life. She says the more achievements she got, the less gratified she felt. While having these successes is a good thing, sometimes, it’s not really what we want for ourselves. Avoid living your life for other people so as to find your true purpose.

  1. What makes a good life? | Robert Waldinger

“If you were to invest in your future best self, where would you put your time and energy?” he asks. Finding your purpose begins with realizing your life goals. Robert, alongside other researchers, tracked the lives of 700 men over a 75-year period on a mission to find what really makes a good life. The conclusion was unexpected but not surprising. He states that in the end, they found out that good relationships make us happy and healthy. Period.

  1. Stop searching for your passion | Terri Trespicio

This might sound harsh but there are a lot of reality check in this TED Talk. It’s a particularly interesting talk for young graduates trying to figure out what to do with the rest of their lives. She candidly talks about the dangers of pursuing your passion. One of them is it’s limiting. Like Bill Burnett mentioned, we have more than one passion and to focus your energy on only one of them could be disastrous. It’s also important to note that passion is not a plan but a feeling. Feelings change all the time so don’t obsess over finding your purpose.

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