Travel: 4 Mobile Apps You Should Always Have On Trips

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Travelling is an adventure; we get new experiences and encounters that shape our perspectives on culture, present new ways of having fun and simply offer a great way to unwind. Travelling, however, also comes with the uncertainty of what to expect at your destination. So how do you ease that burden?

Here are 4 mobile apps we suggest you should have while travelling to new destinations.

  • Google Maps

Google Maps (as the name suggests) is mapping software that uses GPS to place and find locations. With features such as turn-by-turn navigation and street view, the app is able to pinpoint your exact location just as long as your GPS tracker is on.

Say you’re travelling to a new place and you have no idea how to get to a tourist location or your hotel, Google Maps is there for you. With accessibility all over the globe, it doesn’t matter where you are, simply key in your destination and you will be guided on how to get there. The app offers suggestions on the fast and easiest routes, an ‘explore’ tab that suggests nearby food and drinks spots, a ‘things to do’ tab including parks, attractions and nightlife, shopping spots and town centres and services such as ATMs and Hospitals and Clinics. It will also show you the proximity to the main road and whether you’ll experience traffic or not. The perfect app for new destinations.

Google Maps is available on the Android and iOS platforms and is free. You can also download a map of the place you will be for easier access when you don’t have data.

  • TripAdvisor

The world’s largest travel website has an app that needs to be on your phone for the next time you travel. The app allows you to view and review restaurants and hotels, book accommodation and view any related content. It gives an estimated price for hotel rooms according to your budget and the number of people you’re travelling with.

With an interactive travel forum, you are able to read reviews from people who have visited these locations and what they liked (or disliked) about the destination.

Moreover, the app has a ‘things-to-do’ tab that gives options on what activities you could carry out and if you’d like to travel in style, a ‘flights’ tab that allows you to book any available flights to and from your destination.

The TripAdvisor app is supported on the Android, iOS and Windows phone and is free.

So let’s assume you want to travel but your budget is a bit limited and hotel room costs aren’t helping, Airbnb is here for you.

A website and app that specializes in offering alternative hospitality and lodging options, Airbnb’s services are broad and diverse, depending on your needs.

After choosing your destination, the app allows you to select your accommodation preference depending on the number of guests, duration of visit, how much you’re willing to pay, the type of accommodation you’re in search for (an entire house, a private room or a shared room, the number of beds/bedrooms), accessibility and amenities and the type of trip you’re taking. Find out more about Airbnb here.

You will also be able to have a view of the home/space you have booked to know what to expect, so why not?

The Airbnb app is available on Android and iOS platforms and is free.

  • Cab-hailing apps

Travelling to new destinations does not always mean you have your own means of transportation. Figuring out public transportation in a new destination can be hard, especially if you’re not staying within a town so what do you do?

With numerous cab-hailing applications available, why not have one on your phone? Uber and Little, for example, are available in populous towns and their environs with other small towns running their own systems such as Nakuru’s ‘Wasili’. These apps will allow you to avoid the hustle and bustle of public transportation, even if it is just for the first day before you get to familiarize yourself with your location.

Most cab-hailing apps are available on Android, Windows and iOS platforms and are free.

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