3 Ways To Monetize Blog Traffic In 2019


You have a gift for words and are an adept copywriter. Now you want to use your skills to create both an active and passive income. It’s easy to do if you have your own blog and the right set of monetization tools. Those tools are the way in which you will monetize your blog. Check out these three ways to monetize blog traffic in 2019. These ‘ways’ are your toolset, so take the time to understand them well.

1. Understand the Difference Between Passive and Active Income

The first tool to explore is learning to use both passive and active means of monetizing your blog. After all, your motivation is to start a blog to make money. There are two separate approaches and a successful blog will utilize a good combination of both. Active monetization means that you get paid for blogging, pure and simple. You either get paid by other websites to write blogs linking to their site or you accept guest posts that pay you to publish on your site. That’s an active income.

A passive income is a bit more detailed but the major difference is that it generally doesn’t bring a one-time payment as active monetization does. Passive income means that you post something and it is monetized in such a way as to earn money each time a visitor responds to a Call to Action, CTA. Some of these will be discussed in more detail below.

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2. Learn the Power of the Almighty Click

Clicks are simpler to understand than they are to create. A ‘click’ is nothing more than a click of the mouse in response to a CTA. It’s creating that Call to Action, which can get a bit complicated. There are volumes written on creating the perfect CTA. You should read anything and everything you can on the subject. In effect, what you are trying to do is have a visitor click through to another page or site so that they can then be converted into a customer. Perhaps your blog leads them to another site where the purpose is to sell products. You might get paid by the click or you might get paid a commission if a product or service is sold. This is passive income because you create the CTA once and it continues to do its job as long as the content is live.

3. Use as Many CTAs as Possible

Here’s where we get into the good stuff. A CTA can lead a visitor to a sign-up form or it could lead them through to a page/site with more information. It could guide them to an e-commerce site where the hope is to convert them to a customer. You can use search engine optimized images, ads and content as a CTA but those are just general categories. Many times ads contain images and it is ultimately the image that ignites the desire to click on the link. It could be spectacular content that leaves the reader wanting to know more or it could be a simple one-line ad that captures the reader’s attention.

We could go on page after page talking about the different types of clicks you can utilize or what it takes to create an effective CTA, but by now you understand what you need to do to monetize a blog. Your key takeaway is that monetizing a blog begins with getting traffic to your site. From there, it’s all science and artistry that are the foundation of effective CTAs and this is where you’ll need to do your own research.

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