Product Review: Dr. Miracle’s Deep Conditioner


I had a transitioning phase about a month ago. I wanted to do away with my relaxed hair and go completely natural; I had not ‘re-touched’ my hair in about a year so I was sure the growth would allow me to go without ‘big chopping’. Amongst the many things that I needed to maintain my hair was a deep conditioner and after much research, I settled for Dr Miracle’s Cleanse and Condition, Deep Conditioner

Product Description

Dr Miracle’s Deep Conditioner comes in a 177 ml bottle. The packaging is quite simple although it does endorse the brand a lot, with a testimonial from Dr Miracle and a range of instructions.

Dr Miracle’s has a wide range of hair products that are meant to work on braided, weaved, relaxed and natural hair. Although you are recommended to use the whole range of products, there is no harm in using just one.

This particular bottle size is also great for travel.

The bottle retails for 1800 Kshs in leading supermarkets, chemists and cosmetics shops.

Product Review

The conditioner is set for use right after shampoo.

The conditioner has a very rich minty aroma that automatically soothes your scalp immediately you apply it. It lathers easily and has a great texture through your hands and as you apply it through your hair.

It also doesn’t lump and infuses perfectly with your hair.

I followed the instructions on the bottle which required me to apply it to my hair and then leave it in for 30-60 minutes under a plastic cap.

Aside from the breakage that I expected since my hair was in transition, the conditioner minimized even more damage that can occur from using bad conditioner and/or leave-in treatment. It also made it easier for me to comb through my hair and left it feeling very moisturized and healthy.

Afterwards, I rinsed it out and let my hair dry before styling it.

I would recommend this product because it is very easy to use. It is also developed with the health of your hair in mind which means it contains several vitamins including A and E which prevent hair breakage. The natural strands of my hair have also not thinned out which makes it easier for me to get rid of the split ends from the relaxed bit of my hair.

It’s a bit pricy which might deter you from buying it if you compare it to the size of the package but it doesn’t contain any Sulfate and Paraben compounds which make it perfect for your hair.

Depending on your washdays, the product will last long enough to give you your money’s worth. This may also be dependent on how bulky your hair is. My hair is quite bulky and I wash my hair twice a month, so far I have only gone through half the bottle. Granted, I’ve kept it constantly flat-ironed for the last two months.

Ultimately, I would recommend this product, even if you are on transition.

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