Beauty: 8 Reasons You Should Change Your Hair Stylist

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I know, I know. Hair stylists are sacred and you should NEVER change your hair stylist. Though most of this is true, never is a strong word. The relationship between you and your stylist is important. However, a change might do you some good as well. When things aren’t working out in the hair department, the best solution might be to change your hair stylist. Here are some other reasons to change your hair stylist.

  1. A New Stylist Means A New Beginning

Maybe you’re feeling nervous about cutting your hair or trying something different. Try changing your hairstylist first. Changing your stylist might give you a boost in confidence to go for a new hairstyle. Additionally, your new hair stylist will have a fresh perspective.

  1. They’re Not Readily Available

Hairdressing is a job like no other. This means that a hair stylist should be available to their clients. It’s frustrating when your stylist only comes into work a couple of days. If they’re not reliable in case of an emergency, it’s time to change your stylist.

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  1. You Have Damaged Hair

Man is to error. In this case, hair stylists make mistakes too. However, nothing hurts more when someone ruins your hair. We all know the struggle of growing and maintaining African hair. The whole point of going to a professional hair stylist is that they know about hair. Your hair stylist should be able to give your hair the best treatment.

  1. They Don’t Get Your Style

Your stylist should make you look your best. When they don’t suggest/know styles that will look good on you, it’s time for a change. Additionally, they give you a completely different hairstyle even after showing them pictures of what you want.

  1. They Hair-shame You

It’s important for your hair stylist to be honest with you. However, there’s a nice way to do it. If they ask or make demeaning comments about your hair, they aren’t the one. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed about the state of your hair. A good stylist will make you feel like everything’s okay even though you look like you’ve been through a war zone.

  1. Their Prices Changed

It’s understandable to change prices when the cost of living goes up. However, prices should increase based on the service quality and the stylist’s experience. Many clients change their hair stylist because they are unreasonably priced.

  1. Your Conversations Aren’t Flowing

Lastly, your hair stylist is like your therapist. Your conversations should feel liberating. Women go to the salon to look pretty and vent about their life. It’s generally a relaxing and pleasant experience. Additionally, a good hairdresser should communicate with you before working on your hair so it’s clear what you want.

  1. You Don’t Feel Confident

There’s no point in spending thousands only to end up feeling a bit off about your hair. If you’re never pleased after a hair appointment, it’s time to try another stylist. However, before changing your stylist, try articulating your concerns. Good stylists are hard to come by.

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