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As of December 2018, 79% of all mobile users in Kenya were on the Android platform leaving other platforms to share the scattered 21%. Of these Android platforms, a major player in Kenya is the Huawei brand. Leading in innovation and design, Huawei is credited for having quality smartphones that are durable, fun to use and have all the right features.

Recently, Huawei continued to stamp their mark in the Kenyan industry by launching the Huawei Mate 20 series which is said to pack extraordinary features that will revolutionize the lives of smartphone users across the country.

Steven Li, Head of Eastern Africa Mobile stated that “Consumer expectations are rising and in the race to bring the best Android smartphone to the market, Huawei is leading the rapid development of technologies that help improve device performance to satisfy those needs.”

Image From left to right- Huawei’s Head of Marketing Communication, Nakhulo Khaimia, Steven Li, Huawei’s Head of Eastern Africa Mobile, Susan Wong Editor,Capital Lifestyle and Derrick Alenga, Training Manager during the launch of Huawei Mate 20 Pro into the Kenyan market. Courtesy of Huawei

Here are 5 new features that will be part of the new Mate 20 Series.

The World’s First Leica ultra-wide-angle TRIPLE camera.

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro has three camera installations: a 40MP Main camera, a 20MP ultra-wide angle camera and an 8MP telephoto camera which, together, support a wide range of focal lengths enabling it to mimic the results from professional cameras.

Huawei has also incorporated Artificial Intelligence into these cameras; not only are there three-dimensional effects to the images but also, through AI, can isolate human subjects and de-saturate the colours around them to dramatically highlight the person.

A Reverse Charging Feature

The Mate 20 Pro enables the device to work as a power bank for selected electronic devices which support wireless charging.

The Huawei battery can support Wireless Quick Charge and Wireless Reverse Charge which is currently the industry’s fastest wireless charging solution. The large, high-density battery (4200mAh) can get up to 70% charge in 30 minutes.

Biometric Identification and In-Screen Fingerprint

The new Huawei Mate 20 pro comes with 3D Depth Sensing Camera System which means that the device can accurately read the facial features of the user and recognize the minute details. It is able to authenticate users within 0.6 seconds with almost nil false acceptance rates. The phone knows you.

The smartphone also comes with an on-screen fingerprint sensor. This evolved design will allow fingerprint sensors to achieve better success rates; it can locate the user’s fingerprint on the screen and continue to remove the on-screen prompt once the finger is withdrawn.

Enhanced performance and efficiency through the Kirin 980 Chipset

A smartphone is only as good as how it can perform.

The new chipset is equipped with a CPU that is 75% more powerful than its predecessor and an efficiency rise of 58%. Other features such as the GPU and NPU have also been optimized, compared to their predecessors to ensure enhanced performance and efficiency.

The chipset is also the industry’s first SoC to be equipped with Dual-NPU, granting it higher On-Device AI processing capability to support all the AI applications on the device.

Huawei Mate 20. Image from:

EMUI 9 Enables a Quality Life

Don’t you just hate it when your phone begins to slow down because of extended use?

The Huawei Mate 20 may have solved this problem. The series has incorporated EMUI 9.0 which is an operating system based on Android P which may be able to deliver an ever-green experience; it will be able to remain smooth even through extended use.

The operating system, through AI self-learning, may also be able to ease user interface through features such as gesture navigation which will allow you to interact with your device using just taps and swipes, object identification and food calorie counting by simply pointing the camera towards an object. It may also be able to recognize famous paintings and landmarks.

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