Product Review: Delamere Chocolate & Pear Caramel Yogurt Review

Delamere Yogurt with real chocolate chips and pear caramel

Yogurt is one of those things that never runs out in my fridge. For the longest time, Delamere has been my preferred yogurt brand hence my excitement when they introduced these new, interesting flavours. Obviously, I had high hopes to try the chocolate chip and pear caramel flavours which lived up to my expectations.

Throughout the years, Delamere has maintained their high-quality standards. The new flavours they have on the market offer a refreshing drink containing real fruits or chocolate shavings that will leave your taste buds craving for more. Additionally, the quality has not been tampered with resulting in a thick, filling and healthy snack.

Delamere yoghurt with real chocolate chips and pear caramel

I must say, their wide selection of flavours made me spoilt for choice. I went for the chocolate chip flavour because you can never go wrong with chocolate and the pear caramel was simply out of curiosity. I’m happy that they both lived up to my expectations. Prepare your taste buds for a whole new yoghurt experience.


The Delamere yoghurt with chocolate chips will satisfy your chocolate cravings. You can definitely expect real chocolate chips although they’re not as tasty as the yoghurt itself. The chocolate chips are probably not the best quality. However, they give the yoghurt an appealing look. Plus, the yoghurt’s rich chocolate flavour makes up for the plastic-tasting chocolate chips.

Delamere Yogurt with real chocolate chips and pear caramel

The pear caramel is on another taste bud level. This one is, by far, my favourite. Don’t you just love snacks that have fruits in them so it feels like you’re eating healthy? Well, you can binge-eat this delicious snack without feeling guilty since it contains real pears. This time around, the pears taste as delicious as expected adding more flavour to the yoghurt.


All flavours come in 250 ml & 450 ml heavy-duty, plastic cups. Delamere company’s logo and an image of the yoghurt flavour is printed on the yoghurt cups making it easy to spot your favourite flavours. It also comes with the standard tamper- proof cover and a plastic cover for the 400 ml cups. Once again, Delamere has not compromised on their standards. If anything, they have improved on the already good products.


They both cost pocket-friendly prices compared to other brands in the market. While other brands go for as much as Ksh 240, Delamere’s 400 ml pack goes for Ksh 130 while the 150 ml pack goes for Ksh 65. I found this to be economical and affordable for most people including students looking for a quick snack in between classes.

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