Product Review: Kericho Gold’s Green Tea & Blackcurrant


I don’t drink a lot of tea, but I discovered this Kericho Gold product and I cannot have enough of it. Often, we decline to have tea the way we used to prepare it when we were younger, but this range of products seeks to redefine that and make this experience more interesting and fun.

Product Description

The Blackcurrant blend is part of Kericho Gold’s Speciality Infusions that includes other blends including Blueberry, Sweet Peppermint, Strawberry and Vanilla, Ginger and Lemon, Green Tea and Peach, Sweet Chamomile, Apple and Cinnamon and Green Tea and Jasmine.

The box has a net weight of 40 grams and contains 20 tea bags of the same blend. The blends are described as luxurious and rich in taste and aroma with the finest tea, fruit and herb blends with refreshing flavours to ‘provide the pleasure and satisfaction you deserve’.

A single package retails for Kshs 250.

Product Review

I was very interested in discovering what this particular blend had to offer and what was new about the Speciality Infusions because I do consume tea (in moderate amounts) but had never tried this product.

The instructions are pretty simple; for every tea bag, add freshly boiled water (not milk) and infuse for about 2-4 minutes depending on preference (2 minutes for mild, 3 for medium and 4 for strong).

For this blend, the beautiful aroma of blackcurrant fills the air as soon as the tea bag infuses with the hot water. It also has a characteristic purple colour which I personally found very interesting and fun.

The tea is very enjoyable; it goes down brilliantly and does not need to be accompanied by anything when you are having it. The rich taste of blackcurrant occupies your palate giving you a sweet and fruity note. This does not overwhelm you, however, because there is a balance in how the tea is blended.

Furthermore, the completely natural ingredients make the experience blissful – it almost feels like being on a cleanse.

If you prefer iced teas, prepare the brew and chill it over ice cubes for the same characteristic aroma and taste.

I don’t however, feel like this is a morning tea, I believe it would be best enjoyed at the end of the day with some great music and company to go with it.

The blend also allows you to infuse it with sugar or honey, depending on your preference and although this may seem a viable option, if too much is infused, the taste may be very overwhelming and you may not get through your first cup.

Also, you will not be able to use the tea bag for a second cup, all the flavour, blend and aroma infuses into the first cup; therefore, a pack may last 20 cups.

However, I generally enjoyed using this product because of the lovely aroma, taste and health benefits it had, and (the green tea is infused with natural antioxidants). It also had a great calming effect that I am looking forward to on more stressful days.

So what happens after you have drunk the tea? Here are 5 Creative ways you can use a tea bag after you’re done.

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