A Roundup Of Some Of The Best Beauty YouTubers In Kenya

Beauty Youtuber Kangai Mwiti image from https://www.scoopnest.com/user/citizentvkenya/824163062362083329-diy-makeup-tutorials-with-kangai-mwiti-kangai

YouTube is one of the best ways to display your talents which is why beauty gurus get great reception on the platform. Apart from the immense makeup tips they give on their channels, these beauty Youtubers have grown their audience by putting out consistent and good quality content. Honestly, what would we do without makeup tutorials on YouTube?  In this article, I’ll give a roundup of some of the best (and my personal favourite) beauty YouTubers in Kenya.

  1. Nancie Mwai

You can’t really talk about beauty Youtubers without mentioning Nancie Mwai. She’s been on these YouTube streets for a minute and we’ve watched her style evolve to enviable levels. If you’re looking for soft glam and sophisticated looks, her channel will not disappoint you. Though she does more daily vlogs now, her makeup looks, tips and reviews are always something to look forward to when she uploads. Here’s her channel.

  1. Esther Kuria

This Atlanta-based Kenyan beauty has amassed over 60,000 subscribers in just 3 years all thanks to her flawless makeup tutorials. Her videos mostly consist of simple but stunning everyday makeup looks. Her tutorials are also easy to follow as she gives a step by step walkthrough of the process. It’s safe to say this beauty guru reps Kenyan beauty Youtubers well in the diaspora. Here’s her channel.

  1. Kangai Mwiti

With an impressive 104,000 subscribers, it’s quite obvious why Kangai is on top of the beauty Youtuber game. Besides her charming personality, the quality production and the elegant makeup looks create the perfect recipe for a successful channel like hers. Her attention to detail is also something note-worthy as it contributes to her beautiful aesthetic. You can visit her channel to learn about simple makeup application and some of the best brands in the market.

  1. Joanna Kinuthia

It’s hard not to admire this girl’s passion. She literally came from the bottom and is now running one of the biggest YouTube channels in Kenya as well as her cosmetics company. You can see why she’s so successful. Her makeup looks display her prowess while leaving her viewers in awe. She normally does simple everyday makeup as well as full glam looks. Check out her channel.

  1. Rosina Sharon

Rosina Sharon is a professional makeup artist and a beauty Youtuber with over 8,000 subscribers. She does amazing makeup tutorials as well as makeup reviews. Her makeup looks range from creative, holiday-inspired to simple daily looks. Additionally, her creativity has truly set her apart in the beauty community giving her an impressive audience. Here’s one of her creative looks.

  1. Shykoh Mwangi

Shykoh is a fast-rising beauty Youtuber with over 1,000 followers. She describes herself as a girl “who loves makeup and all things beauty” which reflects on her channel. From makeup tutorials to product reviews, she does it all. She might not have as many videos on her channel as the other YouTubers on this list but her content speaks for itself is thus her large viewership. Here’s one of her videos.

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