Wedding Day Essentials: A First Aid Kit For The Bride

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Are you busy with your wedding day preparations, getting ready all your essential items such as bridal gown, mother of the bride dresses, shoes, jewellery, etc?

With all the running around you are doing you might forget about the first-aid kit with wedding day essentials. This kit is necessary for a bride to save her from different accidents, such as red wine spoiling your dress. Windy weather is the greatest enemy of your perfect hairstyle. Before the day of the wedding, you have to prepare a first-aid kit to save yourself from these accidents. Here are some tips to make your kit.

Emergency Make-up Kit

You can’t leave your place without a makeup kit. Make sure to have lipstick and mascara to fix lipstick smudges or runny mascara. A clear powder can be an excellent choice to decrease shine on the face before your photo session. While purchasing a bridal gown and plus size mother of the bride dresses, you must have extra matching makeup and jewellery pieces. Put these additional items in your emergency kit.

Keep Tissues and Baby Wipes in the Kit

Even if you are not expecting tears, you still need to have a pack of tissues to be on the safe side. You can’t take the risk of ignoring the chances of tears on your wedding day. Keep in mind that a wedding day is full of emotions and happiness. You may get emotional in a particular moment and start crying. Tissues can help you to wipe up your messy mascara or eyeliner.

Baby wipes are essential for makeup mishaps or wipe off spillages. Your wedding kit must have plenty of baby wipes. These become a real saviour for a bridal and her mother.

Water Bottles

Your first-aid kit must have a water bottle and some handy snacks. You may feel too excited or nervous to eat a filling breakfast. In this situation, you must have something to eat. Keep it in mind that no one likes a fainting bride with low blood pressure or low blood sugar. Healthy snacks and water bottles can keep you active and energetic.

Pack Sufficient Pins and Hairspray

Your emergency kit must have safety pins and hairpins. These are always necessary for your dress or hair dilemmas. With pins, you can attach corsages or deal with any emergencies like tears on clothes. With the use of hairspray, it is easy to keep your hair in place.

Keep An Umbrella with you

Unpredictable weather can ruin your makeup, hairstyle, and dresses. Pack one umbrella with you to be on the safe side. After all your preparations, you can’t let rain or wind ruin your makeup and hair. By carrying an umbrella, you can avoid such situations.

Thread and Needle

Make sure to keep a mini sewing kit with you. The kit must have extra buttons, safety pins, threads, needles, and scissors. These things are necessary to fix emergencies of your wedding dress. Also, keep chewing gums in your emergency kit to freshen up your breath.

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