Lifestyle: 10 Health Benefits Of Red Wine

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A glass of red wine a day keeps the doctor away. In some cases, it has been proven to have immense health benefits when consumed moderately. The use of red wine to treat ailments dates back to ancient Egyptian times. A Harvard study showed that Egyptians mixed red wine with several herbs to cure ailments. These benefits can still be seen in today’s society. Here are some of them.

  1. Boosts Heart Health

The antioxidant properties help prevent cholesterol buildup thus preventing heart diseases. Additionally, red wine also contains resveratrol that prevents the formation of blood clots. This makes frequent drinkers less susceptible to heart problems.

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  1. Protects Your Skin From Sunburns

Based on this, you should pack a bottle of red wine on your next trip to the beach. It can help lessen the effect of harmful UV rays. It inhibits the properties in your skin that are exposed to the sun’s rays. However, this isn’t a substitute for sunscreen. It’s just an added precaution. Always wear sunscreen when you’re going out. Skincare: The Benefits Of Sunscreen And How To Apply It Properly

  1. Improves Your Balance

It might sound unusual that alcohol helps with your balance. But, when drank in moderation, red wine improves your balance as you grow older. It contains a compound known as resveratrol which decreases some motor deficiencies as you age.

  1. Reduces Stress

Every hard-working person deserves a glass of red wine at the end of the day. Its stress-relieving benefits might be just what you need. Red wine stimulates grey matter in the brain making it work harder boosting brain health. This prevents mental illnesses such as dementia, depression and Alzheimer’s. Lifestyle: 5 Simple Tips For Managing Stress

  1. Prevents Vision Loss

Good eyesight is something hard to come by nowadays, therefore, an enviable feature. You can prevent vision loss caused by diabetes and muscle degeneration by consuming red wine. its properties reduce the out-of-control blood vessel growth in the eye which causes poor vision. Health: 7 Ways To Care For Your Eyes

  1. Reduces Blood Sugar

Medical experts recommend that you have a glass after dinner to reduce sugar levels. This helps your body to break down the sugar contained in your meal thus lowering your sugar levels by up to 30%. Therefore, you should have a glass of wine every night before bed.

  1. Starves Cancer Cells

Grapes used to make red wine are a great source of resveratrol which contains many benefits including inhibiting cancer-feeding proteins. When consumed moderately, it starves off cancer cells hence protecting you from cancerous cells.

  1. Fights Off The Common Cold

Nobody likes a runny nose. Well, getting rid of it doesn’t have to involve tablets and syrups. It’s said that frequent red wine drinkers experience fewer bouts of the common cold. This is because it contains antioxidants that fight off viruses and infections. 7 Remedies To Treat A Common Cold At Home

  1. Slows Aging Process

The fountain of youth probably contains red wine. Some studies have shown that its properties activate certain genes linked to longevity. Additionally, it reduces the damages caused by ageing thus making you feel and look younger.

  1. Helps Control Weight

Another additional benefit is that it prevents weight gain. Piceatannol found in grapes and other fruits, destroys fat cells hence contributing to keeping your weight in check. However, it plays a minimal role and only helps burn off fat through exercise.

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