Beauty: How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under The Eyes

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Sometimes, we can’t help the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. They are a result of a number of things including inadequate sleep, infections, dehydration and makeup. It can make you look older, tired or sickly consequently making you feel less attractive. However, there’s no cause for alarm as there are simple ways to get rid of dark circles. They include;

  1. Change Your Diet

Diet contributes tremendously to our skin’s appearance. Therefore, this should be the first step in getting rid of dark circles under the eyes. For healthy eyes, avoid foods that cause inflammation and dehydration. Instead, replace these foods with green tea, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and lots of water. Your eyes will gradually improve with such a change in diet. Lifestyle: Anti-ageing Foods You Should Include In Your Diet

  1. Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the gift that keeps giving. Apart from its moisturizing qualities, it can help get rid of dark under eyes. It contains antioxidants that help repair dead skin cells. Additionally, it reduces swelling due to its anti-inflammatory properties. When you notice dark circles under your eyes, rub some coconut oil on the area and massage for a few minutes. 11 Reasons You Should Be Using Coconut Oil

  1. Get Some Beauty Sleep

Another way to get rid of dark circles is by getting enough rest. Strain wears out the eyes making them red and puffy. Getting enough sleep means the eyes relax thus preventing the appearance of dark circles. Ensure that your bed is comfortable enough for maximum rest. Add some more pillows to elevate your head and prevent fluid build-up in your lower eyelids. Can’t Sleep? How To Avoid Or Beat Insomnia

  1. Use A Good Makeup Remover

Most eye makeup products are waterproof and highly pigmented which stain the skin after prolonged use. Ensure that you use oil-based makeup removers rather than alcohol-based makeup removers. Oil-based eye makeup removers are highly recommended as they are more gentle and don’t strip your skin of its natural oils. Skincare: 7 Tips And Tricks To Remove Makeup Effortlessly

  1. Wear Sunscreen

Sometimes, dark circles are caused by excessive pigmentation. The sun’s harmful UV rays darken the skin and heighten its aging process including the area around your eyes. However, most people neglect this key area leading to the appearance of dark circles. Sunscreen protects the skin from UV rays ensuring that sensitive areas such as around the eyes are safe from sun exposure. Skincare: 5 Ways You Are Making Your Sunscreen Less Effective Without Even Realizing It

  1. Exercise And Meditate

The best thing you could do for your skin is to exercise. You should have a regular workout routine for your general wellbeing and for great-looking skin. It boosts blood flow, therefore, breathing in new life to dull-looking skin. Additionally, regular exercising helps your body relax improving the quality of your sleep. A Fitness Guide That Fits Your Busy Lifestyle

  1. Moisturize Twice Daily

The skin around the eyes is a bit sensitive since it’s thinner and has less collagen. Thus, they require more attention than other areas on the face. Invest in a good eye cream for fresh, beautiful eyes. They keep your eyes well-moisturized throughout the day due to their special formulas. Most of them are packed with Vitamin C to improve your eyes appearance. Beauty: Why You Need Vitamin E In Your Skincare Routine

Woman using home remedies to get rid of dark circles image from

8. Use Home Remedies

For a quick and natural fix, try using home remedies. Some of the most common home remedies for dark circles under the eyes include cucumbers, tomatoes and green tea bags.

For cucumbers, its cooling properties help reduce inflammation in the eye which helps get rid of eye bags.

Tomatoes are also a good remedy because of their bleaching effect. Mix 1 tablespoon of tomato juice with 1/2 a teaspoon of lemon juice then rub over your eyelids. Make sure you dont open your eyes while this mixture is on your face.

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