Movie Review: Glass – A Thought Provoking Thriller

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Glass is a captivating sci-fi movie that fuses two renowned movies. The result is two hours of an entertainment-filled thriller. Fans of Spilt (2017) and Unbreakable (2000) can look forward to the best of both worlds in this movie. It continues a story that started way back in 2000 which only piques the audience’s curiosity.

It starts off rather slow with a humorous, heroic scene where David Dunn goes to rescue kidnapped cheerleaders. A fight ensues between him and Kevin Crumb who had kidnapped the girls. The police capture the two and take them to a psychiatric ward where the audience receives a seemingly never-ending lecture from Dr. Ellie about how superpowers aren’t real. One of the best scenes is when all three are shackled to their chairs during one of their shrink sessions. However, the audience doesn’t get to see much of the trio being superheroes or using their powers.

The star-studded cast is a big part of the movie’s success. First up is Samuel L. Jackson who plays Mr. Glass, a nutty mastermind with psychotic tendencies. Bruce Willis joins the cast playing David Dunn, a vigilante who takes the law into his own hands and James McAvoy who plays Kevin Crumb, the man with 23 personalities. Some more personalities emerge in Glass while still maintaining some of his classic characters like Patricia and Hedwig. At one point, the trio is all locked up in a psychiatric hospital where Dr. Ellie played by the talented Sarah Paulson specializes in delusional patients.

Although the movie doesn’t have the best dialogues, it overly makes up for it with its cinematics which heightens the audience’s emotions all through. It is also a slow-paced movie which is one of its other biggest downsides. For instance, Mr. Glass doesn’t say anything for nearly half the movie. However, when he does, it was worth the wait and suspense.

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It’s refreshing how Glass was able to incorporate comedy, suspense and action. Additionally, the movie successfully brought the characters together although their storylines don’t exactly flow perfectly. It’s still entertaining to watch these three talented actors give their best. One of my favourites is Kevin’s growling, vein-popping moments that literally sent chills through my spine.

Apart from the occasional dull moments, Glass is jam-packed with a different kind of entertainment – a thought-provoking movie. The actors deserve a round of applause and so does the director. It has an out of the norm storyline compared to other superhero movies. There’s undeniable creativity in this movie with subtle hints about each character. The attention to detail is impressive in almost every scene.

Finally, I would give Glass a 3.5 since the acting skills and general storyline are captivating. It, however, I wasn’t a big fan of the anti-climactic ending. The best part is that it’s rated PG-13 so your teenage kids, nephews and nieces will thoroughly enjoy the action.

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Movie: Glass

Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller

Runtime: 2hrs 9 mins

Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, James McAvoy, Sarah Paulson

Rating: 7/10 (IMDb)

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