Safaricom Unveils New “All In One” 30-Day Bundles

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Safaricom always aims to please their 29.9 million customers and make it easier for them to communicate as seamlessly as possible. They are a pioneer of many mobile services and have now announced their new all in one monthly bundle which will provide customers with data and voice bundles suitable to their lifestyle.  There were a number of changes made in their services over the course of last year.

These new bundles plan comes as a great way to kick off the year giving customers maximum value for their money. Additionally, customers can now choose whether they want both data and voice bundles or data bundles solely. This adds more flexibility to the product offered by the leading telecommunication company thus making it more user-friendly.

“By offering the choice of both discounted data and calls in one package, we are empowering our customers with even more convenience and freedom in managing their communication needs,” said Sylvia Mulinge, Chief Customer Officer at Safaricom.

For those keen on data-only packages, they can choose from a 5 GB bundle for KES 1,000, 15 GB for KES 2,000 and 25 GB for KES, 3,000. While customers who prefer voice heavy bundles can choose from 1 GB and 400 minutes for KES 1,000; 3 GB and 1,000 minutes for KES 2,000; 5 GB and 1,500 minutes for KES 3,000; 10 GB and 2,500 minutes for KES 5,000 and 20 GB and 7,500 minutes for KES 10,000.


All in One Monthly BundlesResources
KES 1,0001.      5GB+ Free WhatsApp

2.      200 min, 4GB + Free WhatsApp

3.      400 min, 1GB + Free WhatsApp

KES 2,0001.      15GB + Free WhatsApp

2.      600 min,12GB + Free WhatsApp

3.      1000 min, 3GB + Free WhatsApp

KES 3,0001.      25GB + Free WhatsApp

2.      900 min, 20GB + Free WhatsApp

3.      1500 min, 5GB + Free WhatsApp

KES 5,0001.      1500 min, 35GB+ Free WhatsApp

2.      2500 min, 10GB+ Free WhatsApp

KES 10,0001.      3500 min, 50GB + Free WhatsApp

2.      7500 min, 20GB + Free WhatsApp


All packages come with free WhatsApp. They are available by simply dialing *544# and selecting your preferred bundle. Additionally, the bundles expire after 30 days are over.

With these new all in one monthly bundle, you’re guaranteed to keep talking and browsing with more ease as you can select whichever bundle that suits your budget. Furthermore, the new bundles use the same data or call rates so you don’t have to worry about extra charges. Safaricom is simply offering other alternative bundles plan to cater to every customer.

Together with Safaricom’s high-speed connectivity, customers will enjoy high-quality services with these new bundles. All you have to do is subscribe to receive the bundles and you can call or browse worry-free for 30 days. You can also complement this data plan with other plans to maximize your user experience.

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