Relationships: 7 Ways To Spice Things Up In The Bedroom

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Bedroom topics are usually seen as a taboo which has led to most people settling for average to disappointing sex lives. Well, being that February is the month of love, this is the perfect excuse to talk about how to spice things up in the bedroom.

  1. Be Spontaneous

Argh, nothing sucks the life out of a relationship faster than routine sex. Bedroom affairs require a little spontaneity to avoid falling into this lifeless pit. You don’t have to go overboard. Start by sending him or her a random sexy message, thoughtful gifts or even lunch at their place of work. These simple things let your partner know that you’re on their mind and will be more excited to see you later on. You can also be spontaneous in the bedroom by dressing sexy or putting on a show. Check out 5 Tips For Buying Lingerie

  1. Play Games

After a long term relationship or marriage, sex might be the last thing on your minds. Try to spark a little romance by playing games. You can challenge your partner to a game where the loser has to do something sexy. Additionally, competition makes some people horny. Pick an interesting game that both of you are good at. This will loosen you up as well as spice things up in the bedroom.

  1. Tell Them What You Like

Being bold and saying what you need isn’t intimidating. On the contrary, it’s sexy. Sometimes, you just need to say it as it is; plain and simple. This will let your partner know what to do without going through a whole lot of trial and error. You can even turn it into dirty talk to make things spicier in the bedroom. It’s natural to feel a bit embarrassed at first but once you let it out, it gets easier to articulate more things.

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  1. Take A Weekend Or Night Away

A study was conducted to find out why hotel sex is way better than doing it at home. Among other things, the study pointed out that most people enjoy hotel sex more since there’s maximum privacy and stimulates dopamine due to the new scenario. Most hotels offer a relaxing, worry-free experience which is the perfect recipe for intimacy. Once in a while, leave your bedroom and book a hotel room. 10 Kenyan perfect Romantic Get-Away Locations

  1. Set The Mood

Things might be off in the bedroom because the mood isn’t right. Make the room as inviting as possible by lighting scented candles, playing romantic music and spreading rose flower petals on the bed. This visual stimulation sets the mood as well as makes your intentions clear to your partner. Try These 16 Aphrodisiac Foods To Ignite Your Romance

  1. Bring In Some Props

If you are more adventurous a sex toy could be the missing piece to your bedroom affairs. It’s a fun way to spice things up and explore your kinky side. There are lots of toys in the market that suit most preference both for yourself or together. It’s also a new form of foreplay that many couples should explore.

  1. Lay Down Some Rules

Finally, it might a bit hard to do all these without some rules. For starters, you need to make sure that your partner is available especially if they have a busy schedule. Pick a date and agree on leaving it open. You can take a whole day or an evening. You should also let your partner know that you’re tossing aside your cliché bedroom routine.

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