Going For A Job Interview? Here Are 7 Fashion Fails To Avoid

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There are unspoken rules on what to wear and what to avoid on a job interview. In order to create a good impression when you walk in, you need to dress the part. Despite the job description, it’s important to look professional which means paying close attention to your attire for that day. Here are some fashion fails to avoid during your next job interview.

  1. Dial Down The Makeup

What you think is subtle makeup might look overwhelming to your interviewer. Avoid bright coloured eye shadow and lipstick to be on the safer side. The best makeup look for a job interview is a light powder, lip balm and mascara. You can also do your eyebrows but make sure they look natural. Make sure you get enough sleep the previous night so you look refreshed and awake. Here’s a guide on how to do natural makeup.

  1. Go Easy On The Cologne

It’s true that you are what you smell. According to Dr. Hirsch, if you smell bad, it sheds a negative light on you as a person. It is, therefore, important to have a good scent while going for a job interview. However, don’t go overboard. Choose a lightly scented cologne and instead, focus your attention on good grooming to enhance your scent.

  1. Don’t Wear Earphones

There’s nothing wrong with listening to music as you go to your job interview. This might help reduce the nervous jitters while alleviating your mood. Make sure you stash them away before you get into the office to avoid being distracted or fumbling with wires as you introduce yourself to the room. It’s not a good look.

Two women shaking hands image from http://www.dailyadvent.com/index.php/tag/interview-tips/
  1. Avoid Wearing Uncomfortable Shoes

The general rule for dressing for a job interview is that you shouldn’t wear anything you’re not familiar with.  This isn’t the time to wear pointy stilettoes just because you saw your favourite character in a movie wear them. Though wearing heels looks more professional than flats, if you’re not comfortable in them, stick to your flats.

  1. Don’t Be Too Casual

Some jobs encourage their applicants to wear something casual. You shouldn’t misinterpret this to mean that you can dress too casually. This shows your potential boss you aren’t serious about the job and leaves a negative impression. Avoid ripped clothes, sandals, shorts and sleeveless tops. If you’re trying to decide what is inappropriate for a job interview, think about whether you would visit your grandparents wearing that outfit.

  1. Get Rid Of Flashy Piercings

For women, ear piercings are acceptable but should be minimum and you should only wear simple stud earrings. For men, you may want to remove all piercings if you’re keen on nailing a job interview. Not only are flashy piercings distracting to the interviewer but they also come off as aggressive, immature and unprofessional.

  1. Avoid Wrinkly Clothes

For a polished look, make sure your clothes are well-pressed. Avoid unkempt clothes that are worn out or ill-fitting. when you show up to a job interview looking dishevelled, it makes your potential employer question your preparedness. If necessary, buy some new clothes or have designated attire for job interviews.

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