Skin & Beauty: How To Keep Your Lips Looking Luscious

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Luscious lips are something desirable to look at. They greatly enhance your general appearance giving you more confidence. They’re also a sign of good grooming and health. This is why many women spend lots of money on both cosmetic products and surgeries to make them look fuller and smoother. If you struggle in this department, here are some simple and natural ways to restore their lusciousness.

  1. Remove Lipstick Before Bed

First of all, you should only use good quality lipstick as they don’t contain harmful ingredients. You should also apply lip balm before wearing lipstick for extra protection. Once you’re done for the day, don’t forget to remove your lipstick. Sleeping with lipstick will cause them to stains making them look unattractive.

  1. Exfoliate Daily

When you exfoliate, you remove dead skin cells leaving you with soft lips. Additionally, exfoliating will help plump them up as it boosts blood circulation to that area. Use a soft brush or cloth to avoid bruising the tender skin on this area. You can also use homemade lip scrubs to exfoliate more effectively. Check out 3 Simple Yet Heavenly DIY Lip Scrubs

  1. Protect From Harsh Weather

Our lips go through a lot of damage when they’re exposed to the elements. When it’s hot, remember to apply sunscreen on this area as well. This protects them from the effects of the sun. Additionally, cold temperatures tend to dry out the skin. Keep the air around you moist using a humidifier or you can keep your lips hydrated by drinking lots of water and applying a lip balm.

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  1. Keep Them Moisturized

Make sure you have your lip balm on you at all times to avoid chapping and dryness. Moisturize them more often to make them supple and fuller. This doesn’t mean that you lick your lips every so often. In fact, licking only dries them out more. You can use essential oils, high-quality lip balms or even Vaseline whenever you feel your lips drying up. Within no time, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your lips’ appearance.

  1. Use Makeup Tricks

One of the most common makeup tricks for fuller-looking lips is over-lining. We learned to this method from the queen of makeup illusions, Kylie Jenner. Make sure you use the same colour of lip liner as your lipstick. Apply the lip liner around the natural shape of your lips to create this illusion. It also helps prevent the lipstick from looking uneven.

  1. Do Lip Exercises

Simply put, pucker up. Once you’ve got them to look nice and luscious, show them off. You can do some lip exercises that will help make your lips more prominent such as kissing, smiling and whistling. Additionally, these exercises strengthen the muscles around this area while increasing blood flow making your them look fuller.

While some people have naturally fuller lips, we all need to take good care of them to get or maintain a luscious appearance. Before considering cosmetic procedures, try whether the above tips will work for you.

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