Food Review: Lasagna Bolognese, Spaghetti & Meatballs And Cappuccino Milkshake At Artcaffe Garden City

lasagna, spaghetti and cappuccino milkshake

Over the weekend, I felt overwhelmed with boredom and a serious case of cabin fever. Not to mention I craved for one of my favourite dishes, Lasagna Bolognese, for almost the whole week. So, as an excuse to leave the house, I decided to go to Artcaffe at Garden City mall where I knew I’d find what I needed; some good food and great ambience.

Lasagna Bolognese

It was almost a new experience as I hadn’t had lasagna in a long time. The inviting presentation satisfied half my craving right from the moment the waitress placed my order before me. I knew I was in for a treat. It was, indeed, more than I expected. The meal came out sizzling hot with a side of salad tossed in olive oil.

Lasagna bolognese from Artcaffe, Garden City

I loved that the chef didn’t hold back on the cheese because I’m a sucker for it. Additionally, the minced meat was well-cooked and seasoned marrying well with all the other flavours to create a perfect dish. One of the reasons I love lasagna is that it’s quite easy to eat – for a pasta dish. You have to be careful not to spill tomato paste on yourself. This dish goes for Ksh 1,010

Cappuccino Milkshake

Nothing beats this Nairobi heat better than a tall glass of milkshake. For coffee lovers like myself, the cappuccino milkshake is the perfect excuse to have more coffee. It’s also like double the refreshment. The rich coffee taste stimulated both my taste buds and alertness which I needed to bring me out of the slump I had been feeling. It was a good choice of beverage to sip on as I waited for my food and caught up on some reading. I’d say it did the trick of putting me in a good mood.

Cappuccino milkshake from Artcaffe, Garden City

This goes for Ksh 420

Spaghetti & Meatballs

My friend joined me later on and ordered the spaghetti & meatballs. From the looks of it, the meal was equally appetizing. The meatballs looked perfectly cooked sitting on top of a generous serving of spaghetti. Though the tomato paste was a bit light and watered down, the meal was delicious and satisfying.

Spaghetti & meatballs from Artcaffe, Garden City

The paste, however, caused a splattering mess on his shirt and I’d recommend them to provide napkins instead of serviettes, especially for such meals. Overall, the meal and service were 5-stars and I’ll definitely be going back for more lunch dates. This meal costs Ksh 1,200

About Artcaffe, Garden City

Located on the ground floor of the mall, just past the food court, Artcaffe picked a conspicuous yet scenic location for their restaurant. You have the option of sitting inside where there are beautiful wall art and cosy lighting. You can also sit outside on a hot day such as the one I went. Both options are great and the restaurant would be a great choice for a romantic date.

If you’re looking for an elegant restaurant with affordable prices for a quick lunch with some friends or a romantic dinner date, Artcaffe has all that and more.

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