Health & Technology: What Services do Medical Alerts Offer?

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Medical alert systems are growing in popularity around the world. At least ten major companies offer medical emergency solutions in the US. They often come in form of fitness trackers, movement sensor or devices that support voice calls.

Most of the companies offer more than physical devices. They have emergency medical assistants who visit your loved one’s house immediately they call for help. They may also offer routine check-up services or contact the police once the panic button is pressed. Continue reading to find out more about these services.

Monitored Wearable Devices

They come with a communication device called a home base linked to a specific contact in your homestead. Your parents or siblings are also given a wearable they press in case of a fall. The communication device then makes a call to the caregiver.

Alternatively, the home base could be a loudspeaker such that your loved one can ask for help to anyone inside the house. Another type of alert systems contact caregivers instantly without first sending the voice message to a home base. Still, some systems are automatic and contact emergency personnel the moment an affected person falls.


  • Best suited for families where caregivers live with the elderly person
  • The best devices are waterproof to protect your loved even when in the shower
  • They come in a wide range: armbands, pendants, and bracelets
  • Some use GPS for easy tracking of the loved one if the homestead is big
  • Some devices are smart and will send you emails related to your parents’ medical records

Non-Monitored Devices

They work in a similar manner to monitored devices. But when it comes to asking for help, the devices contact anyone in your contact books. That means your next door neighbor could be altered, a friend located some distance away or the police.

Some devices allow you to program a message so that anyone alerted is given the voice message to react accordingly. Like monitored devices, non-monitored wearable systems can be operated manually or alert your loved ones automatically. With manuals, the concerned person must press the panic button for the message to be sent. With automatics, the device use motion sensors to detect falls and ask for help.

Medical Alert Services and what they Offer

Philips Lifeline

The global company offers five types of alert devices. The latest in their line is the GoSafe 2, a high tech device worn as a pendant around the neck. As a modern device, it uses motion sensors to detect falls and contact caregivers. It’s a two-way device, meaning you can call and communicate back to emergency contacts in case you are the affected person.

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Another popular product from the company is the HomeSafe Standard device that works on both landline and cellular devices. It comes as either wristband or a pendant with a panic button linked to your preferred emergency contact. It works two-ways when cell phones are involved.

At home, the device works with a home base to enable speaker-phone communications. All of Philip Line devices are waterproof and support GPS tracking. They cost between $29 for the Home Standard and $64 for cellular-connected services for the Go Safe 2.

When it comes to service satisfaction, hardly any competitors beat Philips Lifeline. The company has an average customer approval rating of 4.6/5 from more than 1,000 reviews on Consumer Affairs.

Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian is ranked first by several medical alert review platforms. So, it’s no surprise that 96% of people who’ve used their services would recommend them to their friends.

Unlike many of their competitors, Medical Guardian invests a lot in the design and functionalities of their devices. The wristwatch, for instance, comes with an app for quick alerts to emergency contacts. Their home base devices are elegant, light and easy to use.

The devices are also super-efficient, with some covering up to 1,300 ft2. With the wide range of devices to choose from, Medical Guardian ensures you choose what’s best for you.  If you are tech-savvy and love apps, the freedom Guardian watch will probably suit your best. Another option is the Active Guardian device that supports both WiFi and GPS tracking.

Bay Alarm Medical Alert Services

Having launched more than 70 years ago, it speaks volumes that Bay Alarm is still at the helm of the medical alert industry. The company offers four devices to suit different locations. The first one works at home through landline devices. The second and third suit travelers while the fourth device is called a 360 degrees protection device.

The home device works as a loud-speaker and a link to your mobile devices. In case someone calls you, simply press the pendant button and that’s it. The device works to ways and can be carried around. Its battery lasts 32 hours and requires very little maintenance.

The mobile and car devices use GPs for tracking your loved ones. They also work with apps to record personal details that could be helpful in case of an emergency.

Medical Alert

A pendant around the neck or a wrist band is all you need to call for help. When you press the emergency button, a message is sent to Medical Alert and not just anyone else. They communicate back and send their professionals over to your house to check on you.

Medical Alert is one of the cheapest providers in the world despite having stellar reviews. Their prices range between $18 when you pay annually and $22 for monthly plans. Compare that with other companies where you pay up to $80 and you get great value.

As an added advantage, you can work together with the company to help your loved one. You get an app that notifies you when an emergency message is sent and helps you track them through GPS.

To Conclude

Medical Alert services mostly cater to older members of society by offering fall alert devices. Some stay on the line to talk to your landline as professionals are sent over to you. The prices and quality of services aren’t similar though. Shop around and buy the best services according to your needs.

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