Safaricom’s Shukrani KochoKocho Campaign To Reward Customers With More Than Ksh 250 Million In Prizes

Safaricom, Chief Customer Officer, Sylvia Mulinge (right), demonstrates to a customer on how the Process of Shukrani KochoKocho Campaign works Image courtesy of Safaricom

What would you do if someone gave you Ksh 1 million today? Well, I can think of a number of things that can come in handy. You can pay for your higher education, start a business or even buy a car all with Ksh 1 million. What if I told you that you stand a chance of winning Ksh 1 million among other prizes with Safaricom’s Shukrani KochoKocho?

Safaricom will be rewarding more than 100 customers with Kshs 1 million. Additionally, over 5 million customers across the country stand a chance of winning more than Ksh 250 million in prizes. This includes daily airtime giveaways and cash prizes.  The telecommunication powerhouse recently announced a customer promotion dubbed, Shukrani KochoKocho Kenya Nzima, in a bid to give back to its large consumer base.

The Shukrani KochoKocho campaign is not just meant to reward Safaricom’s loyal customers. A lot of thought went into ensuring that the whole country participates in the reward system. This stays true to Safaricom’s message of unity. Safaricom also came up with this campaign as a way to get its customers to use their products and get a reward.

“The Shukrani KochoKocho further reiterates our commitment to provide our customers with relevant products and offers in line with our promise of ‘Nawe Kila Wakati’,” said Sylvia Mulinge – Chief Customer Officer, Safaricom.

This is its largest campaign and will be more diverse than ever before to include Safaricom customers from across the country. Each county and region will be represented in the campaign. Eight winners from each of the eight regions will get KES 1 million every week and Ksh 1000  airtime daily. In the grand finale, Safaricom will reward one winner from each of the 47 counties with KES 1 million.

Safaricom, Chief Customer Officer, Sylvia Mulinge (right), demonstrates to a
customer on how the Process of Shukrani KochoKocho Campaign works Image courtesy of Safaricom

The Shukrani KochoKocho campaign will run for 10 weeks starting from 19th February to 29th April 2019. Within this period, Safaricom customers will earn 10 entry points for every KES 20 top-up. Additionally, they will earn 1 entry point for every KES 20 transacted on M-PESA. Eligible M-PESA transactions include sending money, receiving money from a business, transfers from a financial institution to M-PESA, and all Lipa Na M-PESA transactions.

Customers don’t need to subscribe to the Shukrani KochoKocho campaign manually as it will be done automatically. However, to check your entry points, you can dial *456#. You can also change your location, opt to mute or unsubscribe to the campaign. As mentioned earlier, Shukrani KochoKocho aims to reach every region, therefore, location is very important in the rewarding system. To change your location, you need to make sure that you are physically in that area.

Safaricom has steadily given its customers lucrative perks in the past couple of months. Recently, they announced an all-in-one monthly bundle to kick start the year on a good note. This Shukrani KochoKocho will continue to enrich the lives of a number of Safaricom’s loyal customers.

What would you do with a million shillings?

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