I Caused A Scene At A Party Because I Couldn’t Take My Boyfriend’s Cheating Anymore

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We planned on going out last weekend to celebrate Valentine’s Day and our 3-year anniversary. He cancelled the date and instead took me to his friend’s cookout. The whispering started as soon as we walked in the door. Everyone fixated their eyes on us. I later came to find out that all his friends knew he was cheating on me and the girl was at the party all along.

He really didn’t make an effort to hide his cheating either. I found restaurant receipts, misplaced jewellery and sometimes, underwear multiple times in the past. Whenever I confronted him about it, he’d brush it off and say the same thing they always say.

“I don’t know how that got there.”

It was hard but I looked the other way every time. Even when I tried to leave, his mom would call me and convince me to stay with him. She promised that she had a talk with him and that he would change. That never happened. He was back to the same shady ways within a week.

This time, he had crossed a line and there was no going back. After dressing up for an elegant dinner, he came to my house an hour late without any apology.

Toxic Family Relationships: Image from https://static.vix.com/en/sites/default/files/styles/l/public/7/7-unreasonable-excuses-men-use-to-justify-cheating-3.jpg?itok=aaH8dR17

“Why are you so late? We’re going to miss our reservation.” I asked flaring with anger.

“You know how traffic is plus I made other plans.”

“What? We planned on having dinner tonight. I don’t know any other plans.”

“My friend’s having a farewell cookout that I forgot about. If you want, you can come.”

“What do you mean if I want? Tonight was supposed to be our night. You should be begging me to come with you.”

“Do want you want, babe, but I’m getting late.” He said picking up his car keys.

I knew exactly what he was trying to do but he wasn’t going to get rid of me that easily – not after cancelling our very expensive dinner plans. In my navy blue dinner dress, I walked with him to the car. He looked visibly angry and barely saying anything to me.

We drove to his friend’s house where the party was in full swing.

“This looks like fun,” I commented with no response.

He walked ahead of me hardly acknowledging my presence. His friends, however, were courteous to welcome me and offer me a drink. In hindsight, it was all a distraction so their friend could talk to his side chick. I continued to have fun – mingling and dancing – oblivious of my boyfriend’s whereabouts. After an hour, that’s when it hit me that I hadn’t seen him since we got there.

I tried calling his phone but it went unanswered and when I tried asking his friends, they mumbled then walked away.

It must have been those cocktails because I went on a rampage, screaming and calling out his cheating. I wanted to embarrass him the same way he embarrassed me in the past. This didn’t seem to work as the loud music drowned my voice.

Eventually, I grew frustrated and sat on an isolated corner in the compound. My face was sopping wet from all the crying and my makeup was non-existent. Just then, I caught my boyfriend’s cheating face by a glimpse then disappeared in the crowd. I pushed my way through until I saw him in full view – holding hands with another woman as they walked towards the drinks section.

“There he is!” I exclaimed slurring my words. “There is Mr. Liar.”

My voice finally caught everyone’s attention. I walked towards the pair and nothing could explain the look on my boyfriend’s face. He didn’t know which direction to run to as the crowd closed in on them.

“Who’s this? Is this the black panties, hoop earrings or red lipstick?” I asked sarcastically.

“Babe, who’s this?” the other woman asked.

“Babe?” I raised my voice and laughed. “Girl, shut up. You’re embarrassing yourself. I’m also this cheating asshole’s soon-to-be ex-girlfriend. I believe we’re now acquainted. What kind of man sends his mom to do his dirty work for him – beg for a piece of trash like you. You’re useless.”

As I prepared to go in on him, his friend came to his rescue. I could see him anguish in self-pity as he asked his friend what I was still doing there. His friend then tried to disperse the crowd but they cheered me on. Besides, this was three years of frustration aching to be released.

“Are you happy now? You’ve been cheating on me for the last how many years. Are you happy? Is this what makes you feel like a man? Because I can tell you something, you’re not even half a man.”

Everybody cheered as I dropped bombshell after bombshell. This went on for almost an hour until I tired myself out.  I had one of the best times in my life that day, though. Despite that whole fiasco, my dinner dress saved me from looking like a mad woman. One of the guests even called me an Uber and took my number to make sure I got home safe.

The next day, I woke up to several texts from him apologizing for how he treated me. There were also several videos of that day going round on WhatsApp but I really didn’t care. I had finally put that man in his place after cheating on me for years.

It’s safe to say I wasn’t particularly proud of how I handled the whole situation but it felt like a weight lifted off my shoulder. I didn’t even wake up with a hangover. Several days later, I went on a proper day with the guy from the party and we laughed about the ordeal. He was also sympathetic and promised to warn his girl pal’s about my ex’s cheating habits. He also told me that my ex has been the topic of discussion all week long on their WhatsApp group.

As for me, I’m going to enjoy my single status for a while.

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