Lifestyle: 7 Delicious Ways To Have Your Coffee

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For a coffee lover, I’m very meticulous about how I want my java – not too strong and not to watered down. In addition, I prefer black to lattes. Kenya is one of the world’s largest exporters of coffee. However, its people aren’t really that big on it. If you visit Ethiopia, you’ll notice something different – they have java with everything. Here are different ways to enjoy this popular beverage that you should try.

  1. Coffee Smoothie

You can turn plain java into a healthy drink by blending it with some fruits into a smoothie. The most delicious combination is the “ban-offe”. Blend a cup of cold coffee, a frozen banana and ½ a cup of milk. it’s a refreshing and energizing drink as bananas contain potassium which replenishes electrolytes in the body. Additionally, it helps keep you focused which makes this smoothie perfect for breakfast.

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  1. Iced Coffee With Condensed Milk

This is another refreshing drink that can be enjoyed both day or night time. It’s quite simple to make as you only need a shot of espresso (very strong and black), pour it in a larger mug and add condensed milk and ice cubes. You can enjoy this drink as you do your work at home or at the office. I recommend getting a mason jar with a lid and straw to make it easier for you to multi-task.

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  1. Coffee Cubes

How about having refreshing your drink with java cubes or flavouring your milk with them? This delicious and simple style ensures you never have to drink unflavoured milk again. Apart from adding flavour, it serves as a refreshment on a hot day. It’s a good way to beat those cravings without drinking 5 cups a day. So, if you’re a java lover, you should try this method.

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  1. Turkish Coffee

Turkish-style java involves having it in its purest form. This means that they don’t sieve the grounds which settle at the bottom of the cup. Additionally, they don’t put milk in this drink and sugar is added while making the beverage. Part of the Turkish experience is serving your java in tiny cups and ensuring there is foam on top.

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  1. Perky Marinade

Java can also be used as a food flavour. It tastes especially good on dark meat such as beef, lamb or duck. To flavour your meat with it, take some grounds and rub on the meat. You can also brew a cup, mix it with red wine, onions garlic and spices then marinate your meat for about an hour. It really soaks up the flavour and gives your food a mouthwatering flavour.

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  1. Irish Coffee

Nothing hits that sweet spot like your favourite beverage with a dash of alcohol. The Irish-style java gets its name from mixing espresso with Irish whiskey. The result is a relaxing sundowner. You can top it with heavy cream for aesthetics or take it plain. Speaking of cocktails, here are Easy Cocktails To Make At Your Next House Party

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  1. Mocha Pudding

Turn your favourite drink into a healthy snack with this recipe. Mix plain yogurt with 2 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder and add a tablespoon of instant java. Plus, you can also add fruits and nuts for that extra taste.

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