8 Reasons You Should Take Self Defence Classes

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There’s an alarming number of brutal assaults and, sometimes, murders against women. Is it because they’re an easy target or is it lack of defensive skills that could easily prevent such attacks? Self-defence skills not only help you fight off an attacker but they also help with both mental and physical well-being. Here are reasons to take self-defence classes.

  1. Builds Balance

It builds both your physical and mental balance. Most self-defence classes also teach about mental well-being as much as physical. Some of these self-defence methods incorporate meditation and yoga in their practice. Additionally, improving your balance means improving your focus.

  1. Confidence Booster

Many people who take self-defence classes notice an improvement in their self-confidence. Knowing you can protect yourself gives you a sense of reassurance which makes you carry yourself differently. You will also have more confidence to do certain things like take solo trips and experience life more liberated. Check out 6 Reasons To Travel Solo

  1. Keeps You Fit

Self-defence involves a lot of physical activities as you’re taught how to use your body to your advantage. Therefore, it builds both strength and agility while keeping you fit. It’s also a great cardio workout and you’re sure to break a sweat after each session.

  1. Develops Self-discipline

Martial arts are a disciplined art. Like any other sport, showing up on a regular basis develops discipline. Apart from practising consistently, you also need to use these skills appropriately. This means that self-defence skills are only meant to be used to defend yourself and not picking fights.

Two black women fighting image from https://on.thegrio.com/2Ek4cWN
  1. Sharpens Your Instincts

Self-defence improves your ‘flight or fight’ instincts. The more you train, the more you’ll have a better and timely response to an attack. The repetition can improve your muscle memory thus making you ready to throw a punch.

  1. Helps Cultivate Positivity

One of the most significant changes self-defence classes make in your life is giving you a positive outlook in life. Learning to defend yourself can lift your spirits as it’s a way to take care of yourself in a rather scary world. Many people who go through depression are often advised to take self-defence classes to release tension.

  1. Be A Role Model

Learning how to defend yourself shows the younger generation how to protect themselves from gender-based violence. It instils a powerful message of empowerment in them and teaches them to stand up for themselves. They will be able to speak up when someone does something unacceptable to them.

  1. Meet New People

If you’re looking to expand your social circle, then you might meet the best group of people at a self-defence class. Since most people there have a similar mindset as you do, you can meet people who’ll challenge you to be better, not only at the sport but also in life. Your spurring mate might as well turn out to be your best mate.

There are a number of places you can sign up for self-defence classes in Nairobi including the Embassy Of Japan, Sacura Martial Arts Academy, Nairobi Kwoon and The Colosseum Fitness Center among other places.

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