Relationships: A Beginner’s Guide To Living With Roommates

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Roommates play an important role while transitioning to adult life. To some, they are the only way to afford an independent lifestyle. With the rising cost of living, having a roommate might also be a lucrative way to make some extra cash. It is important to learn how to co-exist within the same living space. Here is a beginner’s guide to living with roommates.

  1. Communication Is Key

Like in any relationship, you must talk things out for it to work. Don’t assume your roommate knows what you like or don’t like. When there something that bothers you about your roommates, let them know instead of creating a tense environment.

  1. Set Some Ground Rules

You should set the rules on the first day they move in. They may seem like a buzzkill but the sooner your roommates know the boundaries, the easier it will be to co-exist. Make sure you address the important stuff from visitors to chores and the not-so-important stuff like etiquette and pets. Check out Do’s And Dont’s Of Sharing A Bathroom

  1. Designate Cleaning Days

If you have an uncooperative roommate, choose specific cleaning days. You can go around picking up trash around the house, dusting off the walls and windows, taking care of any plants and doing laundry. This might also be a good bonding time with your roommates.

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  1. Know Each Other’s Schedule

If your roommates get off work late, you cannot expect them to make dinner. Be mindful of their schedules to create a favourable living environment. Additionally, you may need to ditch the alarm in the morning as this may be annoying if your roommates aren’t supposed to wake up for another hour or two.

  1. Don’t Forget To Carry Your House Keys

Yes, nobody wants to keep lending you their key so you can make a copy. Additionally, nobody wants to come home early from their night out because you forgot your key…again. You can keep a spare key hidden somewhere or decide how to deal with lost house keys.

  1. Learn Their Values

Whether your roommates value a clean kitchen, organized living room or some quiet time, know how to make them as comfortable as possible. You can do this by asking them intentional questions and observing their reactions.

  1. Be Open To Compromise

Remember that not everything is going to be done your way when you have roommates. They also have their personal preferences which you should be open to discussing. For instance, they may want to change the décor or the menu. Talk through these issues and reach a compromise with them.

  1. Have Monthly House Meetings

Plan short meetings every month to check in on your roommates. This should be a blame-free meeting intended to improve things around the house. Additionally, there are some things that might come up that were not included in the house rules. Such meetings are supposed to address these issues.

  1. Use Apps To Share Expenses

Money is a huge area of conflict when living with roommates. Apart from paying rent on time, there are household expenses which should be split equally. To avoid unnecessary disputes, you can use some of these apps to split the bills around the house.

  1. Cultivate Your Own Space

It’s harder to get some alone time with roommates around. However, this is an important part of keeping your sanity and should be sought out aggressively. If you can’t find space in your own apartment, look for nearby places like a restaurant or library. You can also agree on how to share some watch time.

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