6 Ways To Get Out Of A Toxic Relationship

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Toxic relationships” is a common phrase describing people in our lives who bring negativity. They could be friends, spouses and even family members. Their mutual characteristic is that they are draining, both emotionally and physically, which makes them unhealthy to be around. It’s often a hard decision to make but it’s necessary to cut such people out of your life. Mental Health: 5 Signs That You Need To Walk Away From Toxic Family Relationships

Here are ways to get out of a toxic relationship.

  1. Put Yourself First

Toxic people use manipulation to take your power away from you. They’ll make you think that they have your best interest at heart and are just “protecting you”. Realize that no one will love and respect you if you don’t do so yourself. Know that you deserve better then take back control of your life. Once you taste freedom from a toxic relationship, you’ll question why you didn’t leave it sooner.

  1. Surround Yourself With Positivity

When you’re around people who support you, you have a better outlook on life. Surround yourself with people who aren’t struggling with their own toxic relationship as well since it can be contagious. Additionally, you can find peace in the things you love doing. For instance, you can take a painting class, do yoga or start on that project you’ve been putting off.

  1. Accept Responsibility

Often times, we demonize the other person when we could just be as bad. You might not be blameless when it comes to toxic relationships. Whether you were an enabler or sat quietly as you felt emotionally abused, taking responsibility helps you avoid a repeat. Think of what you could have done to prevent things from getting out of hand then make a mental note in case you’re ever in another bad relationship.

black couple arguing Image from https://gardensofthesun.net/blogs/news/10-unique-date-ideas-to-spice-up-your-relationship
  1. Let Go Of The Fantasy

Most people in a toxic relationship hope that their partners will change for the better. While it’s necessary to give them a chance, if they don’t show any signs of changing then it’s time to let go of the fantasy. The fantasy will keep you stuck without realizing how bad it’s become. Find a way to bring you back to reality or you can talk to someone and get a second opinion. Why Do People Stay In Toxic Relationships?

  1. Talk To Them

It’s important to clear the air with the person. Many people “ghost” their toxic partner but you need to let them know that the relationship is over. Be assertive with your words and make strict boundaries without fear of hurting them. To be honest, that should be the least of your concerns. However, you don’t have to be harsh or abusive. Just politely tell them to get lost.

  1. Work On Your Self-esteem

One of the main reasons people end up in toxic relationships is due to low self-esteem. Therefore, you should build your esteem to attract better people in your life. You could do this by saying or writing down words of affirmation, working on any insecurity and learning to love yourself. you’re awesome and deserve to be in happy, fulfilling relationships. 5 Tips To Help You Boost Your Self Confidence

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