#SuperBrandDayKE: 6 Kenyan Brands Celebrated Internationally

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Have you ever wondered which Kenyan brands make an impact around the world? Kenya is known for a lot of things including elite runners. However, when it comes to brands, we still have a long way to go. These Kenyans brands are now internationally celebrated thanks to Kenyans living abroad and high-quality products from the country.

  1. M-Pesa

As Safaricom scales the heights to become one of the most celebrated Kenyan brands, so does its mobile money service. In fact, M-Pesa beat Safaricom to become Kenya’s leading brand. M-Pesa has been in partnership with international brands such as PayPal to provide better mobile money services. Additionally, Google added M-Pesa on its list of payment methods. It’s no surprise why this brand became widely accepted. It was the first of its kind when Safaricom announced it and several global brands have borrowed the concept. Here’s why M-Pesa tops the list of Kenya’s Superbrands both locally and internationally.

  1. Kenya Airways

The pride of Africa truly flies the Kenyan name proudly. In a survey conducted last year, it was ranked the 5th best airline in Africa. Kenya Airways also announced significant progress last year including the direct flight to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. Additionally, the carrier partnered with Delta airlines to expand its travel perks as well as destinations. Despite its shaky moments, Kenya Airways finds room for improvement. It has a world-renowned service quality thus its popularity on an international level. Kenya Airways Direct Flights To The US Will Boost Tourism And Create New Jobs

Kenya Airways’ hostesses posing image from http://canacopegdl.com/keyword/kenya-airways-crew.html
  1. SportPesa

From making many Kenyans instant millionaires to sponsoring local and international football teams, SportPesa is now a household name all over the world. This betting company made it to the list of superbrands last year, competing with companies like Safaricom and Equity. Betting became a popular pastime in the country and the world over with most people betting on football matches. SportPesa made a killing and a name from this earning them a spot on top Kenyan brands.

  1. Tusker

Tusker, named after the elephant which is its brand logo, can be enjoyed in several Western countries including the USA and Britain. Many tourists also enjoy the drink when they visit Kenya. Additionally, Tusker has won a series of international accolades, including a coveted silver medal in the 2011 Monde Selection awards. Tusker has expanded its brand to suit different lifestyles. It now has Tusker Malt and Lite.

  1. The Daily Nation

Kenya’s most popular newspaper is now a global brand thanks to technology. We all know that Kenyans are everywhere. Kenyans in the diaspora together with other interested parties catch up on the latest happenings on Daily Nation’s mobile app.  Daily Nation made a name for itself among Kenyan brands by offering timely and reliable news.

  1. Laugh Industry

Laughter brings people together and the people at Laugh Industry brought Kenya to the world. With their highly successful show The Churchill Show which has enabled its comedians to perform on international platforms, there’s no denying their place among Kenyan brands. One of their comedians even got to meet the comedic titan, Kevin Hart during a trip to the USA. Laugh Industry is taking Kenya’s entertainment scene to the next level.

What’s your favourite Super brand? What makes it so special?

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