Travel: 8 Interesting Places To Visit In Naivasha

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When you hear of Naivasha, most people think of it as the party central for Nairobians looking for a quick getaway. This might be true but Naivasha is more than just a weekend of booze and regrets. It’s home to some of the best scenery in the country that often go unexplored while visiting the place. Next time you’re in the area, be sure to stop by these places.

  1. TGRV Circuit

For adrenaline junkies, this is your playground. The massive, world-class facility hosts a number of activities including go-karting, ziplining and archery. They also have dining and accommodation facilities so you can fully explore the place. It’s a fun place to take the kids or host a boy’s day. You can inquire about their prices through their contacts [email protected] or +254(0) 722 411042).

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  1. Kereita Forest

This is a marvellous display of Naivasha’s greenery. The vast Kereita forest is home to fun outdoor activities. The most popular one among locals and tourists is zip-lining. You can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the forest on East Africa’s longest zip tour. Additionally, you can enjoy paintballing, bike riding and fly fishing at this location. Visit their site for rates.

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3. Sanctuary Horseback Safaris

Located at the shores of Lake Naivasha, this 500-acre farm is home to some of the most beautiful racehorses in the country. While horseback riding, you can be sure to spot a number of wildlife animals including elephants, giraffes, gazelles and buffalos. You can request for rates through their website.

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4. Ol Karia Spa

How about a nice, natural detoxing spa day at Ol Karia? This place contains hot springs that are rich in minerals which helps to purify the liver and gives you good skin. KenGen created an all-natural spa where visitors can take a deep while enjoying the scenic environment. This would be a relaxing stopover as you head on to your destination in Naivasha. Entrance to the park costs Ksh 700 and swimming in the spa costs Ksh 400.

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  1. Crater Lake Game Sanctuary

The sanctuary is surrounded by a breathtaking green, crater lake which is home to a variety of animals and birds including flamingos. Visitors can take a nature walk through the steep crater rim. You can spot a variety of game animals such as zebras, gazelles and an impressive bird species. A full-day tour costs Ksh 6,000.

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  1. Kariandusi Museum

For those interested in aarchaeology this museum houses some of the most ancient artifacts known to man. From skulls to pre-historic tools, Kariandusi Museum is a must-see for anyone visiting Naivasha. This site dates back to millions of years ago and is thought to have been a stone factory for hunting tools. It would be an exciting trip for adults and an educational trip for kids. Entrance charges cost Ksh 500 for non-residents and Ksh 250 for children.

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  1. Naivasha Owl Center

Located near Lake Naivasha, this bird sanctuary takes in injured birds and rehabilitates them back to health. The name came by when the founder found an injured barn owl and nursed it to health. Over the years, the sanctuary has been a second chance at life for more birds including eagles. The sanctuary raises awareness about birds of prey and it’s a good place to take the children. For members, it will cost you Ksh 3,700 as an adult and Ksh 3,250 for children under 12 years. Non members will pay Ksh 3,950 for adults and Ksh 3,500 for children.

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There are lots of things to see and places to visit in Naivasha so pack a good camera and a spirit of adventure. Check out this article on other things you can do in Naivasha and the surrounding areas.

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