Oppo Announces World’s First 10x Zoom Smartphone

Oppo phone image from https://mashable.com/article/oppo-10x-optical-zoom-phone-camera-mwc-2019/#R6M0H.EB_8qk

Just months after releasing the iconic Oppo Find X, the smartphone company announced they have another amazing phone. The phone will feature a world’s first camera which Oppo is particularly proud of. Many Oppo users can attest to their cameras’ capabilities. They have been teasing this periscope-design camera for two years now and finally, it’s here.

At an event held earlier this week, they revealed that the new phone will feature a world’s first 10x zoom camera. Most smartphones companies are now focusing on perfecting their camera quality as the world moves into the digital era. This is a huge step by OPPO as even the latest phone such as iPhone XS only has 2x zoom.

It maintains the triple camera which will have a 48 megapixels’ main camera. The telephoto camera features a 160 mm focal length which gives this phone its one-of-a-kind 10 times zoom capabilities. This feature ensures you capture fine details from a distance without distorting the image as demonstrated below.

Photo taken with ultra wide-angle image courtesy of Oppo


Photo was taken with 10x zoom. Image courtesy of Oppo

This year, we’ve seen phone companies focusing on the wide angle feature for their cameras. Samsung S10 has an impressive 180-degree wide angle view. Oppo introduced their own wide angle lens during the event. The triple camera will have a 12-degree ultra wide angle view. With this feature, users will capture desirable photos as they see them in real life.

They did not disclose whether this super camera has a slow motion feature. However, they pointed out that it has stabilization to give users 73% precise stabilization. This means that you can expect clear photos and videos even in rough environments.

Oppo phone image from https://mashable.com/article/oppo-10x-optical-zoom-phone-camera-mwc-2019/#R6M0H.EB_8qk

2019 is definitely the year for capturing beautiful moments. With this camera, Oppo guarantees its users professional-style photos that are worth showing off. There’s no limit as to what you can do with 48 megapixels, ultra wide angle and a telephoto camera. The images will be simply amazing.

Additionally, Oppo announced that the phone will be 5G enabled powered by a Snapdragon 855 chipset. 5G technology is the latest innovation in mobile communication that guarantees closer and better connectivity. Say goodbye to annoying buffering while playing heavy games or watching high-quality videos. This will enable users to watch and download 4k videos seamlessly. Interested buyers can rely on this phone’s optimum performance with these kinds of speeds.

Some extra features that were showcased during the event include hologram calls. For now, there aren’t many details on these extra features but it promises to live up to everyone expectation. Oppo evidently took its time to create a phone that meets its users’ needs. The launch of this phone will be something to look forward to.

Oppo has been a notable brand and ranks among the top phone brands worldwide. Though they weren’t ready to reveal the final look, this phone already appears like it will be one of the best phones released this year.

There’s no specified date when the phone will be available in the market, although there’s speculation that it might be as soon as April 2019.

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