Business: Quality Molfix Diapers By Turkish Company Hayat Kimya Launched In The Kenyan Market

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Hayat Kimya, under the Hayat Group and Global FMCG, entered the Kenyan market with its baby diaper brand named Molfix. Hayat Kimya is a multi-billion company based in Istanbul, Turkey. It specializes in personal hygiene including baby diapers, tissues and home care products. They have now introduced their diaper brand into the Kenyan market with an ambitious target.

The Turkish firm hopes that at least one in three babies will use their diaper within 2 years as babies below 3 years of age make up 7.3% of Kenya’s population. They injected over 600 million shillings in the launch and operation of Molfix in the country to affirm their commitment.

Hayat Kimya Global CEO Avni Kigili stated, “We believe that everyone has the right to reach high quality products. Therefore, we offer high quality and affordability with our strong brands.

This will be the firm’s official entry into the region. However, they have established a market in over 15 countries with over 15 years of extensive experience in the African market such as Egypt, Morocco and Nigeria. It also ranks 5th best diaper brand globally which is an indication as to its quality and what the firm has to offer. Hayat Kimya has other globally acclaimed brands as well.

Hayat Kimya CEO with Terryanne Chebet image from

During the launch, the face of Molfix Diapers was unveiled as Terryanne Chebet. The media personality and mom of two understands the brand very well as she stated it “makes her baby girl a happy baby”. Also, she referred to the diapers as anti-leakage and highly absorbent making Molfix her go-to diaper brand.

She also shared her excitement following the unveil through her twitter account letting her followers know she’s the face of Molfix Diapers.

“Thank you @MolfixKenya for this great opportunity.” She tweeted.

Molfix intends to introduce two varieties of the diapers; Molfix day and night diapers, and the Molfix baby pants. The pricing of the diapers will start from Ksh20. Additionally,  Molfix baby pants come with unique anatomic-fit technology that perfectly fits babies. It ensures comfort with an elastic waist. The high-quality Molfix day and night diapers high absorption power locks in liquid to prevent leakages that keeps babies dry.

It also prides itself in having the best quality and skin-friendly texture for babies. Additionally, it has aloe vera and chamomile extracts to soothe the baby skin and prevent irritation. The diaper brand is certified by KEBS and carries the diamond mark of quality.

The company employs over 8,000 people, has a 3-Billion-dollar turnover and is the leading supplier of tissues in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa. There’s a lot to look forward to in this brand and the company hopes for a good reception among Kenyan moms. The CEO also expresses their belief in Kenya’s potential due to its growing, young population.

“Kenya is a developing country, carrying a lot of potential, with her growing, young population, with her strategic location for Central and East of Africa. Hayat would like to be part of this rapidly modernizing and developing country.” He remarked.

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