Lifestyle: 10 Mistakes To Avoid While Handling Food

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Food making is a delicate process. On the other hand, handling food is an immaculate process. Since these are things we consume, you need to assume the highest safety and hygiene standards. This goes beyond checking whether the milk is expired. You need to know how to store different foods, what to touch with bare hands and what not to. Here are some mistakes to avoid while handling food.

  1. Thawing On The Counter

This might be the most common yet most dangerous food mistake people make. You can easily get food poisoning from handling food like this. Harmful bacteria multiply rapidly in room temperature or warmer, therefore, contaminating your food. Always thaw food in the fridge, microwave or cold water.

  1. Failing To Wash Hands

Always wash your hands before handling food. This is a cardinal rule in the kitchen as it’s a great way to keep the germs at bay. Learning to do this every time might also save you from unnecessary illnesses.  Ensure that everybody handling food washes their hands as well.

  1. Washing Produce Before Storage

While it’s okay to wash your fruits and veggies before storing them in the fridge, it might also be a recipe for disaster. If they are stored without completely drying, they might start to rot. Make sure if you wash your produce to keep them out of the fridge until they are dry. You should try using an ultrasonic vegetable cleaner to clean your vegetables.

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  1. Using The Same Chopping Board For Everything

You should have at least 2 chopping boards – one for vegetables and another for meats. Chopping veggies using the same board as meats might transfer bacteria that is impossible to get rid of. Ensure that raw meat doesn’t come in any contact with vegetables.

  1. Marinating On The Counter

Again, this food handling mistake can cost you your health. Exposing meat, especially seafood, to warm temperatures causes harmful bacteria to grow on it. Whether you’re marinating for one hour or overnight, ensure your food is in the refrigerator.

  1. Cooling Before Putting In The Fridge

Instead of leaving them out to cool, separate your food into tiny containers so that they cool faster while in the fridge. Additionally, you can place your food in a container filled with cold water to accelerate the cooling process.

  1. Refrigerating Everything

There are certain foods that don’t do well in cold temperatures. This includes bread, tomatoes, cucumbers and honey among others. For one reason or another, these foods might not be the same once they are refrigerated. Know which foods should and should not be in the fridge. Check out 9 Foods You Should Probably Not Refrigerate 

  1. Rinsing Meat Before Cooking

This has no safety benefit and in fact, could cause an infection. Rinsing meat doesn’t make it any cleaner. However, you might end up splashing water all over your sink and nearby dishes. This water may contain bacteria from the meat that might then cause a health risk. It’s recommended to skip this process.

  1. Tasting To See If It’s Good

Taste or smell is not the most reliable way to check for food safety as some foods don’t give off any smell or taste. This could also cause serious illnesses since even small amounts of contaminated food carry harmful bacteria. If you’re suspicious of any food, it’s safer to throw it away.

  1. Not Paying Attention To Food Recalls

Recently, Nuteez was declared unfit for consumption as it contained harmful ingredients. Additionally, some dog foods have also been recalled after reports of dog deaths. Such food recalls might be what saves you from a potentially deadly situation. Always pay attention to food warnings.

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