Keto Diet: Myth Vs Fact – What Is It All About?

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You may have heard of it or this might be the first time reading about it but the keto diet has been the craze for a while now. What is it? Well, it’s derived from the word “ketogenic” diet which involves drastically reducing carbs intake and replacing it with fat. It might not make sense to add more fat in your diet to lose weight but this method puts your body into a metabolic state called “ketosis”. In turn, this boosts your metabolism rate thus burning more fat and losing weight.

However, the million-dollar question is, does the keto diet really work? On paper, it sounds like the perfect diet plan. Who doesn’t want to eat fatty food and still lose weight? Here are some myths and facts about the keto diet.


  • Causes Heart Attack

Saturated fat won’t give you a heart attack. One of the biggest concerns with the keto diet is whether such a high intake of fat will cause a heart attack. However, studies have shown that it’s natural to eat saturated fats and it won’t clog your arteries. Many foods that we take on a daily basis contain high amounts of fat including milk. There is simply no connection between a high-fat diet and clogged arteries. What Should You Do to Keep Your Heart Healthy?

  • Contains High Protein

Many people mistake the keto diet for a high protein diet. Yes, you need to up your protein intake but in moderation as too much proteins will take your body out of ketosis. Your protein intake depends on your general body health. Proteins cause a spike in sugar levels which is problematic if you’re trying to lose weight.

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  • Involves Junk Food

Eating junk food isn’t part of the keto diet. This isn’t a pass to dip everything in butter and oil. It simply calls for prioritizing unsaturated fat. Therefore, bacon, sausages, French fries are still a big no. Instead, bulk up on healthy fats such as eggs, milk, avocados, bananas and fish.

  • Long-Term Solution

Keto diet shouldn’t be a permanent solution to weight loss as it involves depriving your body off some dietary needs. There’s a risk of suffering from muscle loss if you stay on this diet for too long. It is therefore recommended that you don’t stay on this diet for more than a few weeks.


  • It’s Fat Burning

As mentioned, the keto diet accelerates your metabolism. This is done by removing carbs from your diet which forces the body to burn stored fat  to provide glucose.

  • Improves Sleep Quality

Once you reduce your carbs intake and add more fats, your sleep quality greatly improves. This is because carbs are harder to digest thus causing discomfort during sleep. People on a keto diet report that they experience deep sleep.

  • Causes Constipation

Constipation is one of the biggest side effects of a keto diet. Since you’re no longer taking in as much roughage from carbs such as bread, you’re bound to suffer in the toilet. A great alternative is to up your water intake.

  • Tastiest Diet

While most diets include kale juice and raw vegetables, this one entails eggs for breakfast, avocado salad for lunch and a nice juicy steak for dinner. Truly, it doesn’t even sound like a diet.

In conclusion, the keto diet might seem like the best diet plan but it involves some level of discipline for it to work. However, it definitely does work.

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