Funtrench officially Launches First Blockchain Educational Institution In Eastern Africa

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Five years ago, most people in Kenya had no clue of what blockchain was about. For Kingsley Ndiewo, he was learning about it and working on his company, Funtrench. Subsequently, the company is now the only institution in Eastern Africa offering globally recognized training in partnership with US-based company, Blockchain Training Alliance.

During its official launch at the Movenpick Hotel, Kingsley Ndiewo, The CEO of Funtrench Ltd mentioned, “Our idea of a talent ecosystem is somewhat similar to the Japanese keiretsu whose interlocking parts establish a self-sustaining system.

So, what is blockchain? What was originally devised for digital currency evolved to have more uses. It’s simply an immutable, distributed ledger. It’s the safest, incorruptible way to store information since it cannot be tampered with. Therefore, it’s reliable when it comes to keeping account of any kind of transaction.  Blockchain 101: Everything You Need To Know

Funtrench offers various blockchain related courses including cryptocurrency trading, blockchain development, python programming and game development. Moreover, it focusses on practical training and gives the students a more hands-on approach. The institution has a variety of courses ranging from 2-hour workshops to 6 months training that go for Ksh 8,000 to Ksh 80,000. Depending on your preference, such courses are necessary to equip you with knowledge of emerging technologies.

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It has partnered with Oshwal College to offer such courses. It has also trained girls from AkiraChix, an NGO helping less privileged girls. Funtrench intends on tapping into one of Kenya’s most underrated resources – human resource.

The company is an award nominee for the 2019 Katerva Award in human development. Hon. Michael Onyango, a member of Kenya’s Blockchain and Al taskforce observed, “Today’s formal launch of Funtrench coinciding with their nomination for the 2019 Katerva Award in Human Development, is a clear sign the Funtrench has positioned Africa’s place as a homegrown African agenda as par global industry standards.”

Funtrench offers internship programs as well. They have partnered with various companies where their students can apply skills learned at the institution. Additionally, they offer incubators where students put their projects to practical use. Funtrench empowers its students to make use of the available online resources and become intellectual property owners.

Speaking at the event, Kingsley remarked, “It’s important to build after learning.”

The institution encourages its students to pursue paths that will better the country and the continent at large. As the world goes through a digital revolution, Africa must catch up as well. Some countries like Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Ethiopia have utilized their technological skills to improve government services. For instance, the Rwandese government purchased drones to deliver medical supplies in remote areas of the country. Additionally, the President of Sierra Leone addressed Harvard students on technological advancements in his country.

In the ancient world, Africa was one of the most innovative continents and still holds the potential to return to its glory days. This is by extensive training in institutions like Funtrench that offer courses on emerging technological trends.

Lastly, Funtrench plans of rolling out augmented reality courses in the near future to promote its agenda in adopting emerging technologies in Africa.

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