Travel: 6 Dreamy Places You Can Visit On A Budget

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2019 is the year to travel and live your best life. However, travelling can be an expensive hobby to sustain. From expensive hotel rooms, air tickets and visa charges, travelling can eat into your account. Though the definition of a budget might be relative, these are some pocket-friendly travel destinations you can visit for a dream holiday.

  1. India

India – the home to the Taj Mahal, Himalaya and yoga. It’s hard not to see why this country is such a tourist attraction. They have a vibrant food and cultural scene with insanely beautiful scenery – not to mention breathtaking temples. You can enjoy a nice, adventurous vacation at this travel destination for cheap. It also has Instagram-worthy moments from traditional dances to acrobats. The entertainment there is limitless. Here’s a comprehensive guide on where to visit in India and where to stay. Incredible India: 10 reasons to visit

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  1. Sri Lanka

This once, war-torn country is currently rebuilding its infrastructure. However, it never lost its natural beauty. Though it’s not as developed as other Asian countries, it still has one of the most beautiful beaches and rich wildlife. Additionally, the undeveloped scenery gives Sri Lanka a more natural environment waiting to be explored. So, pack a spirit of adventure before you go.

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  1. South Africa

Specifically, Cape town offers a wide range of travel activities from beautiful beaches, safaris and wineries. It’s a great place to visit as a group or as a solo traveller and you’re guaranteed value for your money. Though it’s not on the list of visa-free destinations for Kenyans, you can cut cost by finding cheap accommodations. You can also get cheap flights that cost around Ksh 30,000 to Ksh 40,000. What’s your pleasure? South Africa is calling!

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  1. Uganda

This underrated travel destination is beaming with gorgeous vegetation and of course, the enormous mountain gorillas. With only a handful of gorillas left in the world, its absolutely necessary to experience these majestic beasts. During the off-peak season, you can get a trekking permit for $450 a day. In addition, there are numerous cultural sites to visit and fun activities to do in this country. It’s an easily accessible country as they are our neighbours to the west. Ten places you must visit in Uganda @guide2uganda

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  1. Budapest

For travel and adventure enthusiasts, Budapest should be on your bucket list. It’s a stunning city in Hungary that will leave you in awe. Generally, the eastern side of Europe is much cheaper and pocket-friendly for budget travellers. That doesn’t mean that they cannot have full European experience. For as little as $20 – $45 a day, you will unique architectures, take a dip in the country’s natural thermal baths and party like you’re in Santorini.

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  1. Vietnam

Vietnam is another country filled with rich cultural landmarks, great sceneries and of course local cuisine there’s plenty to do in this country from exploring the city to getting lost in nature. Additionally, everything is super affordable while you get a world-class travel experience. The city of Ho Chi Minh is generally the most popular destination in the country. It’s diverse in scenery and its people.

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