5 Easy Diet Plans You Can Follow For A Healthier Lifestyle

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Diet plans go hand in hand in the journey weight loss. You need to have an effective diet plan to lose that stubborn 10 kilos. However, many people shy away from diet plans since they are viewed as complicated, expensive or unattainable. These easy diet plans are here to prove you wrong. Here are some diet plans you can follow to reach your weight goals.

  1. DASH Diet Plan

For the DASH diet plan, it involves foods that are low in sodium to help lower high blood pressure. It’s necessary to incorporate such diet plans to your daily meal plan so as to avoid certain lifestyle diseases. For breakfast, have one cup of mixed fresh fruits a muffin and herbal tea and for lunch have curried chicken wrap and whole milk. For dinner, prepare spaghetti without adding salt, salad and a wheat roll.

  1. Zone Diet Plan

It’s among the diet plans that involve consuming 1,200 calories a day for women and 1,500 calories for men. Additionally, every meal in this diet plan has 30% proteins, 30% fats and 40% carbs. It doesn’t encourage the consumption of fruits and vegetables as they contain sugar. You’re also supposed to have a meal an hour after waking up and have up to 5 meals a day including snacks. For breakfast, you can have 3 egg whites, oatmeal and strawberries. For lunch, a grilled chicken salad and fruit. Finally, for dinner, have salmon, steamed veggies and mixed berries.

  1. Flat Belly Diet Plan

Losing weight around your mid-section is usually one of the hardest things to do. You may do hundreds of crunches and sit-ups without seeing any desirable results. This is because your mid-section stores a lot of fat. Therefore, a lot of it also has to do with what you eat. Try to avoid foods that cause bloating and stack up on healthy, detoxifying food. For breakfast, have plain yogurt with oats and grated apples. Also, take some green tea to help with bloating. For lunch, have a sandwich with salad leaves, avocado, mozzarella and balsamic vinegar. For dinner, prepare 1 chicken breast with ginger, onions and soy sauce. Eat with rice noodles. You can snack on some pawpaw.

Flat belly diet meal image from https://closeronline.co.uk/diet-body/diet-recipes/ultimate-flat-tummy-diet-plan/
  1. The Dukan Diet Plan

The Dukan diet was created by a French doctor over 30 years ago but it’s still relevant today. It’s you’re looking for fast weight loss diet plans, then this one will definitely work. It’s a low-fat protein based diet to help manage weight. This diet plan comes in four phases. The attack phase allows you to eat pure high-protein foods. During the cruise stage, you’ll add vegetables to your diet while on the consolidation stage you’ll need to maintain the previous stages. During the stabilization stage, you’ll have made Dukan diet a daily routine hence giving you a long-term diet plan.

  1. Ornish Diet Plan

The plan is to reduce the risk of heart diseases by cutting all kinds of meat and increasing grain and vegetable intake. In addition, such diet plans involve mild exercising like a 60-minute daily walk. A sample menu would entail whole grain cereal and fat-free yogurt for breakfast. For lunch, potato salad with green leaves and a fresh fruit while for dinner, make bread with tomatoes, whole-meal pasta and veggies and a glass of wine.

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