Product Review: Elf Mineral Infused Face Primer & Foundation

Elf Foundation and Face Primer

By now, you know the importance of a good face primer and foundation. This is the starting point to flawless makeup and you should always invest in high-quality products. A face primer preps the face eliminating pores to give you a smooth canvas. On the other hand, the foundation gives you a flawless shade to work on. Therefore, the two are absolutely necessary if you use makeup or intend on starting. 8 Tips For Picking The Right Foundation Shade

Elf makes mid-range, high-quality products that you can count on. This was my first time trying this New York-based cosmetic products but I heard good things about it before. I ordered mine online through an Instagram page called BeautyClick254 that specializes in makeup. You can also get both products on Jumia and most cosmetic shops.

Elf Foundation

Elf offers a variety of shades that match many African skin tones. For me, Honey was too light so I opted to the Caramel. It matched my shade perfectly. However, they only have the light coverage but it’s buildable. Other shades include Sand, Espresso, Nude and Tan.

Elf Foundation and Face Primer

It came in a simple but elegant glass packaging. There was minimal labelling on it which made it look sleek and clean. It uses a pump thus making it easier for product control. The product came out with ease as it’s a smooth liquid texture. The texture applied seamlessly on my face giving me a beautiful, flawless cover. I’d used 3-4 squirts and worked perfectly.

Elf Foundation is one of the few foundation brands that have SPF 15. This means that it has sunscreen properties which protect your skin from UV rays. However, the foundation is not water-proof and contains talc, which if you know your makeup, doesn’t look good in pictures with flash.

I found that it applied better with a brush than a sponge as it sets quickly. It’s semi-thick and semi-matte. For many people, this is a good thing since you won’t be a shiny mess all day long. However, for people with dry skin, your skin can feel dehydrated.

Though the packaging seemed small, it really went a long way. I apply full face makeup about 3 times a week and I’ve had the same bottle for close to a year. The Elf foundation costs about Ksh 1,500. They also recommend using this product with a face primer for longer-lasting wear.

Product Samples

Elf Face Primer

For the Elf Face Primer, what you see is what you get. The product came in simple and elegant packaging. However, the lid was made of plastic. It had a pump just like the foundation for easy product control.

The product is clear in colour but has illuminating properties adding to your glow. It’s silicone-based and mineral-infused making your skin feel smooth and nourished. I haven’t used any other face primer brand because Elf just works.

This is also my go-to product when I want to achieve a natural makeup look as it eliminates my pores and I don’t have to use foundation. For Ksh 1,500, you really get value for your money from this product.

Generally, these Elf products left me feeling beautiful. The combination works really well for my skin type and I loved that the Elf foundation had shades that range from light to dark. I give both products 4 stars.

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