Product Review: Fa Cream & Oil Cacao Butter Shower Gel

Fa cream & oil cacao butter shower gel

Shower time means time to unwind, relax and have a few minutes to pamper myself every day. Therefore, I try to make it as pleasant as possible. This might involve long showers with all sorts of bath oils or quick ones with a simple shower gel. I’ve gone through a few brands of shower gels trying to find the perfect one until I came across Fa Cacao Butter shower gel.

Fa has always been associated with a luxury brand. Though their products aren’t too expensive, they aren’t cheap either. So, you can imagine my surprise when I stumbled on their shower gels with pocket-friendly prices.

At first, I was sceptical about the product because of the price. Normally, I’d find shower gels that cost up to Ksh 600. However, this amazing product only costs Ksh 275 for a 250 ml bottle. The price alone was reason enough for me to try it out. I mean, what did I have to lose? Well, it didn’t disappoint and I’m officially switching to Fa shower gel.

Fa cream & oil cacao butter shower gel

One of the best things about this shower gel is that it lathers well. Therefore, a little product goes a long way. You save a lot of time trying to lather your washcloth. You also get value for your money. A few squirts could last the entire wash thus giving you a pleasant shower experience. It also foams as opposed to other shower gels that don’t foam. These qualities really went a long way in making even the simplest showers memorable.

Additionally, it has a pleasant, long-lasting scent. After rinsing and drying off, the scent still remained. It’s a great shower gel to build your scent on. For cocoa butter fans, this scent will leave you swooning. Its cream and oil properties ensure that your skin remains silky after a bath. With time, I noticed my skin started to glow. Besides, that sweet scent instantly elevates your mood thus eliminating stress-related skin breakouts.

It’s available in other flavours depending on your taste. They include Mystic Moments, Pink Passion and Sport for men. However, the packaging only comes in the 250 ml bottle and you have to stack up frequently if you decide to use this shower gel. Other than that, it’s the perfect shower gel on a budget. I’d recommend trying it if you’re using a shower gel for the first time. It will give you the best results.

Fa cream & oil cacao butter shower gel

You get a lot from Fa Cream and Oil Cacao Butter shower gel for the price. I was pleasantly surprised by both the product and the cost. It’s a cheaper way to improve your bath times whether you’re in a hurry or relaxing. The 250 ml bottle lasted me over a month and sometimes I’d shower twice a day.

You can get this Fa shower gel in most leading supermarkets as well as on Jumia. The price is the same both online and at the physical stores. However, there’s a wider variety in the supermarkets compared to Jumia.

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