7 Ways To Maintain Good Hygiene During The Hot Weather

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Good hygiene is hard to maintain when you’re drenched in sweat from the heat. This could lead to more serious skin problems like pimples and skin rashes. Though there’s nothing much to do about the heat, there are ways to maintain good hygiene.

  1. Use Facial Spray

Your face gets dry when exposed to extreme weather. A facial spray is an easiest and quickest way to keep your skin moisturized. A few spritzes will not only leave your skin hydrated but also it will cool you down. Hence, this will reduce the amount of sweating. Make sure you have a facial spray with you at all times.

  1. Protect Your Lips

Your lips are usually the first indications of dehydration which make them look chapped and cracked. Additionally, taking care of your lips ensures good hygiene. Keep them moisturized by applying lip balm. You can also invest in one that has SPF properties to prevents harmful sun exposure. Check out How To Keep Your Lips Looking Luscious.

  1. Take Cold Showers

Taking a shower is the most reliable way to maintain good hygiene. However, you should go for cold showers instead of hot ones. Apart from cooling down after a hot day, cold showers do your skin some good. It helps keep your pores from blocking as well as prevent acne breakouts.

Black woman getting sweaty image from https://madamenoire.com/838955/treat-hot-flashes/
  1. Wash Your Sheets

The fact is, bedsheets can get really nasty especially during the hot season thus tampering with good hygiene. It’s important to change your sheet every so often as it filled with germs, sweat and oils that can cause skin conditions. It’s recommended washing your sheets at least once a week for good hygiene. You can also disinfect them to get rid of germs.

  1. Stay Hydrated

You might not be able to prevent sweating but you can prevent that musky smell. Drinking the recommended amount of water ensures your sweat isn’t as saturated thus doesn’t smell too much. By now, it’s clear that water is the basic material for good hygiene. Make sure you carry a bottle when you head out to maintain your water intake. 7 Tricks For Keeping Yourself Hydrated Every Day

  1. Shave Your Armpits

Shaving ensures that you don’t retain sweat which can result in a foul smell. During hot months, pay particular attention to your armpits and pubic areas as these are the sweatiest. Dampness around these areas can be dangerous as well as they are prone to bacterial infections. Make sure to keep them dry and well-trimmed so as to keep your body fresh. Skincare: the private hair affair

  1. Wear Anti-Perspirant On Other Body Parts

Preventing excess sweating helps maintain good hygiene. Therefore, you should use antiperspirant on hot days whether you’re a sweaty person or not. Additionally, antiperspirant isn’t just for your armpits. You can safely use it on other parts of your body such as thighs, back and neck which are prone to being sweaty. Additionally, you can use baby powder as extra reinforcement as this absorbs sweat from your body.

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